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Meta Quest 2: With Pianovision you learn to play the piano in mixed reality


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Image: Zac Reid


A free beta has been added to Meta’s App-Lab-Store -Version released.

Update from August 5 2022:

Pianovision for Meta Quest (2) piano learning app was released on August 3rd in the App Lab. This is Metas Store for experimental or work in progress apps. The studio ZarApps already started a limited early access. The again free version 0.1 in the App Lab

but contains practical innovations.

Meanwhile you can MIDI -Connect keyboards directly to the quest

, provided you have the right USB cable ready (usually USB-B to USB-C ). Until now, it had to be connected to a PC via cable, which made wireless contact with the quest โ€“ which, by the way, is still possible. If you don’t have a keyboard, you can simply create a virtual one, which is displayed in the image using augmented reality or mixed reality.

In addition, sheet music can now be displayed or generated on request. Previously, players had to rely on the button symbols rushing into the picture from above – similar to a music game like Guitar Hero.

The app is also becoming more social: In the new “VR Music Hall โ€œ several pianists may play music together online

โ€“ or listen to the sounds of the others in the audience. On his Twitter account, developer Zac Reid explains numerous other details that have been added.

@PianoVisionAR is available now on App Lab!

PianoVision is an Augmented Reality Piano learning app and rhythm game for the Quest 2. https://t.co/yLoHtHgfHU pic.twitter.com/1ong3m5jdX

โ€” Zac Reid (@ ZachaReid) August 3, 2022

Original article from April 2nd 801:

With Pianovision for Meta Quest 2 you take digital piano lessons where virtual notes hit the keys of a real MIDI keyboard exactly.

If you have trouble hitting the right keys on the piano, the training Help app Pianovision by Zac Reid: Die im Ear ly Access available piano software for Meta Quest 2 films your hands on the real keys and uses dynamic notes to show you which key you have to hit and when.

Cancellation online at any time

starting at 2,94 โ‚ฌ / month

In virtual reality there have already been several similar piano exercises such as iVRTuos AR. However, Pianovision offers a decisive innovation that directly addresses your game and any errors


You can connect the Quest 2 app to a MIDI keyboard that is connected to a PC or Mac via USB . The computer in turn makes wireless contact with the Quest 2. The software recognizes when you hit the wrong key and pauses the piece if you wish until you correct the mistake.

Pianovision: Learn to play the piano with Meta Quest 2

Anyone who knows Rock Band, Guitar Hero, Rocksmith and similar music games understands Pianovision’s notation system direct: The app recognizes piano keys via the external cameras of the Quest 2 and displays virtual notes that fly towards these keys from the front. When the virtual note reaches the key, that’s the right moment to hit it. The length of the block conveys how long you should hold the note.