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Mario Movie Release Date: Officially Declared Will It Happen or Not?

The Nintendo mascot will return to the big screen for the first time since 1993 in the upcoming Super Mario movie.

In order to avoid the mistakes of the live-action Mario movie from the 1990s, Nintendo has hired Illumination, the animation studio best known for the Despicable Me, Sing, and Secret Life of Pets franchises.

Nintendo has also brought in an all-star cast to give Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, and Bowser their voices so they can come to life on the big screen.

Date of Release

 The most important thing to know is when the movie will come out. The Mario Movie will come out on April 7, 2023, according to whattowatch.com/. This is only a month and a half before the 30th anniversary of his last movie.

What is the Super Mario Bros Movie Plot?

In the Super Mario Bros games, Mario usually goes on a quest to save Princess Peach from Bowser’s castle after he kidnaps her. However, with over 30 years of games and several spin-offs to choose from, Illumination could take this in any direction.

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Unlike the 1992 live-action version, which took place in New York City, we know that this version will take place in Mario’s made-up home, the Mushroom Kingdom, which looks like it has been recreated exactly as it was in the games.

mario movie release date
mario movie release date


Bowser and his army of Koopas attacked a penguin kingdom in the teaser trailer, which seems to set up the main conflict of the movie.

We didn’t see much of Mario, but the teaser shows him coming out of a warp pipe into the Mushroom Kingdom, where he meets Toad for the first time. This may be the story of how the fat Italian plumber got his start.

Jack Black told fans at the New York Comic-Con that Bowser “has a musical side” in the movie, but it’s not clear if there will be a full-fledged musical number for the King Koopa. This was reported by Popverse.

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Black said, “I did bring some of my heavy metal roots since Bowser is kind of like a heavy metal rock star.” “You know, a big, scary rock star who is strong and big. I even did a little rocking. I think it will surprise you to learn that Bowser can sing.

Who’s in the Mario Movie Cast?

Back in September 2021, the voice actors for the Mario movie were announced, and they are all big Hollywood stars. The cast is made up of

  • Chris Pratt is playing Mario.
  • Princess Peach is played by Anya Taylor-Joy.
  • Charlie Day playing Luigi
  • Seth Rogen plays Donkey Kong, while Jack Black plays Bowser.
  • Cranky Kong, played by Fred Armisen
  • Foreman Spike is played by Sebastian Maniscalco.
  • Kevin Kamek, played by Michael Richardson

Fans of the character will be happy to hear that Charles Martinet, who has voiced Mario and many other Nintendo video game characters, is also on board and will make surprise cameos throughout the movie.

Who’s Directing the Mario Movie?

The Mario movie is directed by Aaron Horvath and Michael Jelenic. The two have worked together before on Teen Titans Go! and Teen Titans Go! Matthew Fogel wrote the script for the movie (The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part, Minions: The Rise of Gru).

Is there a trailer?

The first teaser trailer for The Super Mario Bros. Movie shows King Bowser destroying a kingdom of penguins as he searches for the coveted Star. If he has the Star, he can’t be stopped.

Mario, on the other hand, shoots out of a pipe and lands in a magical place. He meets Toad, who takes him to save the day in the Mushroom Kingdom. We also see Mario’s brother Luigi, who didn’t end up in the happy mushroom land but in a fiery hell.


The Mario Movie will come out on April 7, 2023. Nintendo hired Illumination, the animation studio best known for the Despicable Me, Sing, and Secret Life of Pets franchises. An all-star cast has been brought in to play Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, and Bowser.

Chris Pratt is playing Mario, Anya Taylor-Joy is playing Princess Peach, Seth Rogen is playing Donkey Kong, and Jack Black is playing Bowser. Charles Martinet, who voiced Mario and many other Nintendo video game characters, is also on board.

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