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Love in the Villa Release Date: Where Was the Movie Love in the Villa Filmed?

Netflix has been constantly announcing new shows and movies coming to the streaming service in 2022, and we’re putting them on our list of must-watches.

Love in the Villa is an upcoming romantic comedy that was announced by the streaming service in September 2021. We’ve been learning everything we can about this Netflix movie.

Mark Steven Johnson wrote, directed, and made a romantic comedy. He worked on movies like Ghost Rider, When in Rome, Christopher Robin, and Love, Guaranteed. The movie is also made by Margret Huddleston and Stephanie Slack.

Love in the Villa: The Plot

Taking a trip to Italy with your long-term boyfriend sounds like a great idea for a vacation. But if a couple breaks up right before a trip, it can ruin things.

Julie, a teacher, decides to go on the trip by herself after her boyfriend Brandon broke up with her right before they were supposed to leave. After a hard flight and a crazy ride in a “Uberto,” she gets to the Airbnb she rented, only to find that the owner has already rented it to someone else.

Love in the Villa: The Cast

Julie is played by Kat Graham. She is a teacher in Italy who is trying to get over a breakup. Many people know the actress from her role as Bonnie on The CW’s The Vampire Diaries, but since then she has done a lot of work for Netflix.

She was in the romantic comedies Operation Christmas Drop and The Holiday Calendar, which were both about Christmas.

love in the villa release date
love in the villa release date


Charlie, the British man who booked the same rental property as Tom Hopper, is Tom Hopper. The Umbrella Academy, which is also on Netflix, is one of his most well-known works. Merlin, Black Sails, and Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City are some of his other big works.

Brandon, who used to date Julie, is played by Raymond Ablack. In the Netflix show Ginny & Georgia, the actor plays Joe, the owner of a café, which is the main role.

He is also known for his roles in Narcos, Shadowhunters, Maid, and Degrassi: The Next Generation. Laura Hopper, who is married to Tom Hopper, plays Cassie. The Umbrella Academy and Doctors are two of her other works.

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Emilio Solfrizzi, who plays Silvio, is the man who double-books the rental. Sean Amsing plays Roberto, Lorenzo Lazzarini plays Uberto, and Hélène Cardona, Peter Arpesella, Katie McGovern, Atikur Rahman Mahi, Stefano Skalkotos, Andrea Bellacicco, and Saverio Sculli also have parts.

When Do They Start Making Love in the Villa?

What’s on Netflix also said that filming began in September 2021 in Verona, Italy. We don’t know when the last scene was shot. But as soon as we know more about when the movie will be made, we’ll let you know.

Love in the Villa’s Release Date

We have great news about the release date to share with you! On April 27, Netflix announced the movies that would be coming out in the summer of 2022, and the romantic comedy film was one of them. According to movieweb.com/ On September 1, Love in the Villa will be on Netflix.

When Will Netflix Start Showing Love in the Villa?

Kat Graham will lead the cast as Julie, a young woman who breaks up with her boyfriend and goes on her dream trip alone to Italy. So, she’s going on a trip by herself to get over the breakup. Kat Graham is a famous actress because of her amazing work in Vampire Diaries.

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Tom Hopper will be paired with Kat. Hopper will play Brit Charlie, a good-looking British man who is expected to fall in love with Julie (played by Kat Graham). Tom Hopper was in The Umbrella Academy, where he did a great job and got a lot of praise.


Love in the Villa is an upcoming romantic comedy for Netflix. It will be released in September 2021. It’s about a teacher who goes on a trip to Italy after a break-up with her boyfriend.

Love in the Villa is one of the movies that will be released on Netflix in 2022. Filming for the movie started in Verona, Italy in September 2021.

Love in the Villa’s: Watch the Trailer

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