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Lost Ollie: Who is the Antagonist in Lost Ollie?

The following Lost Ollie episode on Netflix won’t be available for many more weeks. This live-action/computer-animated hybrid series is perfect for fans of the Toy Story film series since it tells the uplifting tale of a toy’s return to its rightful home.

Release Date for Lost Ollie

As per cheatsheet.com/, It has been confirmed that Lost Ollie will premiere on Netflix on August 24.

Ollie Plot Lost

The 2016 release of William Joyce’s book Ollie’s Odyssey served as the inspiration for the television series Lost Ollie. The story of the show revolves around Ollie, the titular character, a plush animal who gets stolen from Billy by a bully when Billy is at school. Later, Billy locates Ollie.

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Ollie makes a serious vow to himself to find Billy and find his way back to him when he arrives at a brand-new area. Ollie runs into dangerous scenarios while traveling and makes friends with various toys.

lost ollie
lost ollie

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Lost Ollie’s author Shannon Tindle said, “It’s definitely an adventure, and it’s extremely exciting, but I also wanted it to deal with sorrow.” “In my opinion, not enough people are talking about it. I want him to have a piece of clothing he could wear on his sleeve that made reference to it right away.

After some time, Tindle continued, “It was quite important to me from the outset that these characters are not toys.” They are just people, nothing more. They behave and move just like people, and they also feel pain similarly to people.

In addition to creating the sitcom, Tindle also served as executive producer. Peter Ramsay was in charge of overseeing the project’s direction.

Previously, Tindle and Ramsey worked together on Rising of the Guardians, the film adaptation of Joyce’s The Guardians of Childhood book series. In addition, Josh Barry, Emily Morris, and Shawn Levy all served as executive producers for Lost Ollie.

Lose Ollie’s Cast

Below is a list of the main actors and the roles they play.

  • the Ollie of Jonathan Groff
  • Rosa played by Mary J. Blige
  • Tim Blake Nelson as Zozo
  • As a mother, Gina Rodriguez
  • Kesler Talbot plays Billy, while Jake Johnson plays Daddy.

Lost Ollie  Trailer

Since Billy was a young child, Ollie has been by his side. Billy doesn’t simply view Ollie as a toy; he views him as his best friend. However, a bully grabs Ollie and throws him away.

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Ollie embarks on a quest to get home in this delightful tale of two friends making their way back to one another, during which he encounters a multitude of obstacles and fascinating new experiences.

Frequently Ask Question

Does the movie Lost Ollie exist?

Shannon Tindle is the creator of the live-action and computer-animated miniseries Lost Ollie, which was made in the country.
The concept for this series came from William Joyce’s children’s book Ollie’s Odyssey, which was released in 2016. On August 24, 2022, Netflix made Lost Ollie a streaming option.

Where is This Lost Ollie Place Exactly?

In the computer-animated film “Lost Ollie,” the main characters journey around Kentucky, stopping at many locations along the way, one being Louisville. The game’s inventor, Shannon Tindle, grew up in Shepherdsville, not far from Bernheim Forest. Recent reviews of the news program have been very positive.

Who is Lost Ollie’s antagonist?

Now that Zozo has become evil, he imprisons Ollie and brutally beats him to force him to give any information about Nina, despite the fact that the bunny is honest enough to acknowledge that he has never met someone named Nina.


Netflix has confirmed that Lost Ollie will premiere on August 24. The live-action/computer-animated hybrid series is perfect for fans of the Toy Story film series. It tells the tale of a toy’s return to its rightful home after being stolen by a bully. Lose Ollie is a live-action and computer-animated miniseries.

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