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Last Light Review: Matthew Fox’s Return to Tv is a Disaster That He Caused Himself.

The series Last Light is based on Alex Scarrow’s best-selling post-apocalyptic thriller novel of the same name. It tells the story of a family trying to stay together in a world that has suddenly gone crazy.

The series is the newest one to be available to stream. As the premiere date gets closer, it’s safe to say that the show has gotten a lot of attention in the last few days.

It will be part of the network’s fall season, along with other new shows and movies that will debut this year. If you want to watch this new series on the platform and get a head start, we’ve put together a short summary of the release date, plot, and cast so you can get ready.

The Cast of Last Light

  • Andy Yeats, played by Matthew Fox
  • Joanne Froggatt as Elena Yeats
  • Laura Yeats, played by Alyth Ross
  • Sam Yeats, played by Taylor Fay
  • Amber Rose Revah as Mika Bakhash
  • Owen Jones, played by Victor Alli
  • Tom Wlaschiha as Karl Bergmann

The Plot of Last Light

The TV show The Last Light is based on a best-selling book by Alex Scarrow. The main plot of the book was that Andy Nielsen, a petrochemist, knows how much the country depends on oil.

something happened to the oil production, a chain of bad things would happen transportation would stop, goods wouldn’t be delivered, and the police would have too much to do.

last light reveiw
last light reveiw

While on a work trip to the Middle East, Andy discovers that his worst fears are coming true and that his family is split up at a very important time.

His wife, Elena, and son, Sam, are in Paris, but his teenage daughter, Laura, is at home alone in England. In the middle of this chaos, each member of the family will do anything to find the others, no matter how far away they are or how dangerous it is.

Last Light Review

Last Light has about five too many episodes. A unique act of eco-terrorism is at the heart of this story. In the middle of all of this, Andy Yeats (Fox) is separated from his wife Elena, his blind son Sam, and his environmentalist daughter Laura.

While the mother and son are stuck in Paris, Laura is in London and Andy is investigating for his company in Luzrah. Andy is forced to go after and face a dark secret from his past when it turns out that he created the first-ever bacteria that seems impossible to stop and the world is looking at a scary and tragic end.

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Instead of making the disaster part of the show stand out, it might have been better to market it as a family drama. And that, too, is done in a way that doesn’t try to understand human relationships or dynamics. Just undercooked, badly put together, and taking ideas from different works. After seeing the show, most of the advertising felt like it was going in the wrong direction. The real crisis isn’t talked about or given much time.

The buildup is so bad that the word “bacteria” doesn’t come up until the end of episode 3. Think about how long the series is: there are only five episodes. The bad guy is introduced in the second-to-last episode, but he’s been there the whole time—for about five minutes in one episode.

last light reveiw
last light reveiw

The writers thought it would be a big reveal that would make the story more exciting and tense. If that’s what they were thinking, then they were thinking in a hopeless way. Only seven people in MI6 are left to deal with the “crisis,” which does not seem to be affecting other countries. It doesn’t matter who gives the orders, who carries them out, or if there are any real results. Here’s a small example to help you understand what the writers did.

Picture a soccer player being pushed into a corner on his side. When the other team’s players press him, he passes the ball back to the goalkeeper, who hits the ball high into the air, hoping that the poor number nine will do something with it, even though it’s clear that he can’t. In short, the long ball.

With Last Light, writers do just that. With a little magic, the gods of TV would make something that makes the viewer feel something. There was no hope, but everything depended on it.

Give the audience more than two lines to connect when you want to use a lack of trust between a husband and wife as the emotional core that leads to an exciting event in the story.

How can you expect them to put all the pieces together on their own? We don’t hear about the disaster spreading anywhere else except in Paris, where a mother and son have a pointless story arc.

People say things like “Trust me, mom” or “Trust me, son” just to say them, hoping that some emotional depth will come out on its own. After just two trucks with three men were sent to catch Andy, no more were sent.

There are so many holes in the plot that they could all be put on a list, which might be too long to read. The show is a complete mess in which none of the themes, subplots, or even the main plot make sense.

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Everything seems like a loose end that the writers try to tie up, but ends up at a dead end. It’s not common to find something on the internet that is so horribly out of date and has nothing to like about it.

Last Light is a huge letdown when you think about how it could have been a slow-burning story with interesting characters and an exciting world. There is no way in the world that Peacock should let it be streamed on its platform. Please, stay away.

Official Trailer for Last Light

The official trailer for the movie came out on August 17, 2022, and it showed that the story was about “your family. Your life. What if everything vanished tomorrow? How far would you go to save the people you love if society were to fall apart?” Check out the official trailer down below

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