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Is West Side Story on Netflix? Which Two Songs Were Performed Live?

If you enjoy musicals or older films, you might be curious about whether or not the classic movie West Side Story can be seen on Netflix. The movie was released in 1961 and became a huge blockbuster.

This ageless story of love and sorrow that is set against the backdrop of New York City has captivated audiences for years, and it continues to do so even today.

This article will provide some background information on the movie West Side Story as well as investigate whether or not it is possible to watch West Side Story on the streaming service Netflix. Those who are unfamiliar with the film may find this post helpful.

Check Out This Handy โ€œWest Side Storyโ€ Fact Sheet

Title West Side Story
Directed by Steven Spielberg
Screenplay by Tony Kushner
Edited by Michael Kahn

Sarah Broshar

Release date November 29, 2021 (Jazz at Lincoln Center)

December 10, 2021 (United States)

Music by Leonard Bernstein
Language English


Country United States

Is West Side Story on Netflix?

Netflix does not presently have a version of West Side Story to view. The options for seeing this timeless movie are numerous, though.

Iโ€™d be happy to recommend some more romantic movies for you to enjoy. Here are some suggestions that I think you might like: Portrait of a Lady on Fire, The Old Guard, Empire of Light, and 27 Dresses .

Where to Watch West Side Story?

You may rent or purchase the movie on platforms such as Hotstar, Google Play Movies, and Apple TV. You may also try the local library or a DVD rental shop in your area to see if they have a copy that you could borrow.

Trailer For โ€œWest Side Storyโ€

What Did Steven Spielberg Say About Working on West Side Story?

The brief film, dubbed “Steven Spielberg’sWest Side Story’ sneak peek,” is even shorter than the movie’s trailers and starts with the director addressing his cast and crew shortly before the first scene is shot.

He pays tribute to the months of preparation that went into that shot, calling himself “proud and honored” to have had the chance to make the movie, his eagerly awaited debut as a movie musical.

Spielberg doesn’t elaborate on what that labor entailed, but a glance at the footage superimposed over the director’s remarks provides a hint: the period-appropriate sets, clothes, and, probably most importantly, the dancing on show were not the result of a hasty effort over a few weeks. He claims that now that filming has started, all of these efforts may unite to create the final product “as one voice, into an ensemble.”

The trailer for the movie opened with images of a split New York City, the Jets, and Sharks squaring off, and a gun on a counter highlighting the violence and sadness of the plot.

Here, the soundtrack is much more lively, and the imagery is joyful. It serves as a reminder that even while the story may be well known, it still has more than enough complexity and depth to merit reading again.

Is West Side Story on Netflix Which Two Songs Were Performed Live

Which Two Songs Were Performed Live in the West Side Story Movie?

In the West Side Story movie, two of the most iconic songs performed live are “Tonight” and “I Feel Pretty.” Both songs are integral parts of the musical’s plot and have become cultural touchstones since the movie’s release in 1961.

“Tonight” is a beautiful duet between Maria and Tony, while “I Feel Pretty” is a live solo performance by Maria. Both songs showcase the incredible musical talent and choreography that has made West Side Story a timeless classic.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Directed the 2021 West Side Story Movie?

Steven Spielberg, a renowned director renowned for his masterful storytelling and cinematic aesthetic, was the man behind the camera for the 2021 West Side Story picture.

How True to History is West Side Story?

But, West Side Story isn’t based on a real event. Anthony Kushner, who wrote the script for the 2021 movie, disagrees with the long-held notion that West Side Story is a contemporary American retelling of Romeo and Juliet.

Why is It Referred to as West Side Story?

The straightforward response to this query is that Manhattan’s west side corresponds to the west side of West Side Story. Steven Suskin, a music scholar, remarked that the area at the time was somewhat dangerous and gang-infested.

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