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Is Weekend at Bernie’s on Netflix? Was a Body Double Used in Weekend at Bernie’s? 

This page discusses the comedy movie from 1989. A 1989 American black comedy film partially inspired by Jorge Amado’s 1959 book The Two Deaths of Quincas Wateryell, Weekend at Bernie’s was directed by Ted Kotcheff and written by Robert Klane.

In the movie, Andrew McCarthy and Jonathan Silverman play two young workers of an insurance company who visit their employer Bernie’s house, and learn that he has passed away.

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Title Weekend at Bernie’s
Directed by Ted Kotcheff
Written by Robert Klane
Release date July 5, 1989
Cinematography François Protat
Running time 97 minutes
Language English
Countries United States

Is Weekend at Bernie’s on Netflix?

The boss of two pals invites them to spend the weekend on a posh island. Apart from the two pals, it appears that no one else notices when the boss is murdered. They act like a puppet with the body and lead people to believe he is still alive to avoid being accused of murder.

When the murderer learns the stiff is still alive, he must shoot him once again, twice, three times, and so on to complete his task. It’s unfortunate to say that Netflix does not have it.

Is Weekend at Bernie's on Netflix Was a Body Double Used in Weekend at Bernie's 

Where to Watch It Online?

Laugh it up with Andrew McCarthy, Jonathan Silverman, and Terry Kiser in the comedy film Weekend at Bernie’s, which can be seen online right now. You may watch it on your Roku device by logging into Prime Video, Apple TV, or Vudu.

Was a Body Double Used in Weekend at Bernie’s?

The producers made use of a stunt double who portrayed Bernie in each scenario involving him being bruised, battered, or assaulting a corpse. Nonetheless, this does not negate the fact that Kiser endured hardships to create his art.

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Throughout filming, he remarked, “I shattered three ribs,” and he was right. They kept dropping me on the couch on my head, which caused a nerve in the back of my neck to become pinched, which in turn caused me to experience intense dizziness.

Review For “Weekend at Bernie’s”

Two young men who work for an insurance firm, Andrew McCarthy and Jonathan Silverman, find out that someone is stealing from the business and report their findings to Bernie, their boss, in the movie “Weekend at Bernie’s” (Terry Kiser).

The young executives, who are terrified and unsure of how to react, prop Bernie up on a couch as a floating party of weekend inebriates drifts in, only to discover that Bernie has passed away.

Is Weekend at Bernie's on Netflix Was a Body Double Used in Weekend at Bernie's 

This results in a macabre weekend where the unfortunate Bernie is carried around everywhere, presumably alive, and even goes boating as part of the two heroes’ desperate scheme to hide his death until they can figure out who is trying to kill them.

The film contains some humor, but it lacks humor because the joke it offers cannot support a full film. Both Blake Edwards’ “S.O.B.” and Alfred Hitchcock’s “The Trouble with Harry” explore the idea of deceased characters, but they fall flat since the other characters in both of these films must be naive.

In “Weekend at Bernie’s,” it should be evident to multiple characters that Bernie is dead right away, yet the conduct in failing to notice is stupid.

There are situations where folks throw an arm around Bernie and do business with him to make his dead body a crucial component of the plot.

One of the situations that work is when Bernie is off-screen and his New York mistress (Catherine Parks) enters a bedroom where Bernie’s body is waiting for her. The two heroes are looking at each other in shock during this time. We don’t know what goes on behind the closed door, which is why the joke works.

Trailer For “Weekend at Bernie’s”

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Weekend at Bernie’s a Worthwhile Watch?

Weekend at Bernie’s is an oppressive, irritating funeral that never ends. Bernie’s is classic, brutal slapstick with just the right amount of cruelty. There is a lot of dubious content in irreverent dead-body comedy. A dumb, unoriginal, kid-friendly one-joke movie.

In Weekend at Bernie’s, Was Bernie Still Alive?

Paulie returns to the island to complete the murder after becoming irrationally enraged by his apparent inability to kill Bernie and Bernie’s mysterious “immortality.” Gwen confronts Larry and Richard at the house, and they admit that Bernie has been dead since they got there.

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