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Is “We Have a Ghost” on Netflix? Where Was the Movie We Have a Ghost Shot?

Christopher Landon is the writer and director of the supernatural horror comedy film We Have a Ghost, which will be released in the United States in 2023.

It was inspired by Geoff Manaugh’s short story “Ernest,” which was published in 2017. David Harbour, Jahi Winston, Tig Notaro, Jennifer Coolidge, and Anthony Mackie are starring in this movie as the main cast members.

The film We Have a Ghost was made available on Netflix on February 24th, 2023. Film critics had a variety of opinions on what they thought of it.

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Title We Have a Ghost
Directed by Christopher Landon
Screenplay by Christopher Landon
Release date February 24, 2023
Cinematography Marc Spicer
Running time 127 minutes
Language English
Countries United States

Is “We Have a Ghost” on Netflix?

A family becomes internet famous and the target of a mysterious government agency after discovering a ghost with a mysterious past haunting their new home.

You already know that you can watch it on Netflix because you read the paragraph above. Yeah is the instant response, so. You can watch it whenever you want because Netflix is readily available.

Is "We Have a Ghost" on Netflix? Where Was the Movie We Have a Ghost Shot?Where Was the Movie We Have a Ghost Shot?

Unsurprisingly, one of the film’s most notable characters is the Presley family’s new home. Two New Orleans homes were chosen to represent the residence to get it precisely right: one for the outside shots and one for the interiors.

The exterior includes small windows, a porch with gingerbread trim, textured walls, and overgrown landscaping—exactly what you might imagine when you think of a haunted house.

The interiors feature a fireplace with a black-spotted mirror, peeling wallpaper in the living room, scuffed flooring, flickering lighting, and other issues. The kitchen was specially constructed on location by a group under the direction of production designer Jennifer Spence. Ernest’s favorite hangout, the lofty attic, was filmed in a studio.

Such places include the Louisiana town of Donaldsonville. The city, which is about an hour away from New Orleans, served as the backdrop for the automobile pursuit scene.

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The CIA office in New Orleans was converted from a convention center. The lakefront is the location of one of the movie’s last sequences. It was filmed in Louisiana in a hot, dusty field. Bozeman, Montana’s mountainous backdrop was photographed and applied to the scene using visual effects.

We Have a Ghost strikes the ideal balance between comedy and horror that will eventually entice you back for a second viewing, whether it’s because you simply can’t resist a good haunted house story or because you just want to watch another entertaining production starring Jennifer Coolidge.

Review for “We Have a Ghost”

We Have a Ghost and Happy Death Day 2U, two recent horror movies from Christopher Landon, transcend the typical cynicism of the genre. Parent Frank struggles to make ends meet and keep a good relationship with his son Kevin as the Presley family moves into a fixer-upper in Chicago.

Is "We Have a Ghost" on Netflix? Where Was the Movie We Have a Ghost Shot?

When they get there, Kevin encounters Ernest (David Harbour, in a silent performance), who has been frightening locals away ever since he passed away in the 1970s. A viral ghost interrupts Kevin’s conversation with Ernest after he manages to get away. For those seeking a more adult experience, both movies are a tremendous source of pleasure.

In “We Have a Ghost,” a film by Landon, the afterlife and its implications for teenagers and their families are explored. It focuses too much on Dr. Leslie Monroe, a paranormal researcher, and her CIA boss Arnold Schipley, while Ernest, Kevin, and their scene-stealing neighbor Joy (Isabella Russo) attempt to get away from the armed guards and discover why Ernest hasn’t entirely transitioned to the next level of life.

The film lacks the momentum to convince teenagers and their parents to put their phones away for good, but its concluding act, which recycles themes and ends multiple times, is a decent diversion. It should have a similar hum to “Freaky” and “Happy Death Day,” which were noticeably shorter and tighter.

Trailer For “We Have a Ghost”

Frequently Asked Questions

Is “We Have a Ghost” a Worthwhile Film?

The intriguing premise of Netflix’s We Have a Ghost, which is based on a disturbed youngster and his ghost companion Ernest, is brought to life by David Harbour’s physical acting skills. The film also has a few strong performances, passable visual effects, and an engaging storyline.

In We Have a Ghost, What Happens to Ernest?

By the way, he looked, Ernest (David Harbour), a nice, silent ghost who got his name from the embroidery on his bowling shirt, perished during the Nixon era.

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