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Is Vengeance Available on Netflix? If Not, Where to Watch?

You’ve found the correct site if you enjoy adventurous thrillers and are curious about whether or not Vengeance is currently streaming on Netflix.

In this piece, we will discuss where you can see Vengeance, what the movie is about, and why you should consider doing so if you haven’t already. A 2020 action thriller starring Stu Bennett, Gary Daniels, and Keith Allen, Vengeance is directed by Richard John Taylor.

In the film, a former soldier turned mercenary named John Gold is tasked with defending a young woman named Ana from a group of brutal criminals. Vengeance, with its strong action sequences and compelling plot, is a must-see for aficionados of the genre.

Check Out This Handy โ€œVengeanceโ€ Fact Sheet

Title Vengeance
Directed by B. J. Novak
Written by B. J. Novak
Edited by Andy Canny

Hilda Rasula

Plummy Tucker

Release date June 12, 2022 (Tribeca)

July 29, 2022 (United States)

Cinematography Lyn Moncrief
Language English
Country United States

Is Vengeance on Netflix?

Yes, you can watch Vengeance online on Netflix in several countries and territories. But, the availability of it could be different depending on where you are.

There is no need to panic if you are unable to locate it on Netflix. The movie is also available to be viewed on several different platforms.

Where to Watch Vengeance!

Vengeance can be rented or purchased in addition to Netflix on Amazon Prime Video, Google Play, YouTube, Vudu, and iTunes. Depending on your tastes and geographic region, you can select the platform that suits you the best.

Is Vengeance on Netflix? If Not, Where to Watch?

Why Vengeance is a Must-Watch?

A detective named John Lynch is the center of the compelling British criminal thriller series Vengeance. The series, a follow-up to the well-liked television program “Retribution,” follows Lynch as he solves challenging crimes and copes with the fallout from his earlier deeds. The following are some justifications for seeing Vengeance:

Compelling storyline:

The show has a captivating plot that keeps you on the edge of your seat the entire time.

Impressive cast:

Tom Weston-Jones, Joe Absolom, and Christine Tremarco are among the series’ skilled cast members who give standout performances.

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Stunning cinematography:

The series is expertly produced, and the breathtaking visuals add to the overall mood of the program.

Review For โ€œVengeance”

Have you heard about “Vengeance”? It’s the first full-length movie from B.J. Novak, who wrote, directed, and starred in it! The plot revolves around Ben Manalowitz, a writer from New York who gets a call from Ty Shaw in West Texas informing him that his girlfriend Abby has passed away.

Is Vengeance on Netflix? If Not, Where to Watch?

The thing is, Ben never had a girlfriend named Abby, but he decides to attend her funeral in Texas anyway. Little did he know that this decision would lead him on a wild journey seeking revenge against Abby’s killer, and he even turns the story into a podcast along the way!

This film takes a satirical approach to both the coastal elites and the people of the American heartland, but it also delves deep into the complexities and quirks of its characters. It’s not your average movie, that’s for sure! Even with its satirical tone, “Vengeance” tackles real issues such as drug addiction and the transformation of Texas into an authoritarian state.

Overall, “Vengeance” is a unique and intriguing movie that’s worth checking out!

Trailer For โ€œVengeance”

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Vengeance Based on a True Story?

No, the plot of Vengeance is not based on a real event. Johnnie To, who also directed the film, is the author of this fictional piece.

What’s the Plot of Vengeance?

The story of Vengeance centers on Costello, a French chef who goes to Hong Kong to exact revenge on the people who killed his daughter’s family. To assist him in finding the killers and exacting retribution, he recruits a crew of hitmen. Along the journey, he develops an uncommon friendship with the hitmen and runs through unforeseen challenges.

Who Stars in Vengeance?

Johnny Hallyday plays Costello in Vengeance, while Anthony Wong portrays Kwai, Lam Suet plays Chu, and Simon Yam plays George Fung. Sylvie Testud, Ka Tung Lam, and Ting Yip Ng are also featured in the cast.

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