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Is the Arctic on Netflix? Does It Have a Real-life Basis?

Watch Arctic, the 2018 survival drama that is currently available on Netflix, if you thought you were cold this weekend. Since Mads Mikkelsen was left in the Arctic Circle when his plane crashed, no matter how harsh the windchill was when you were out walking your dog, it will not be as bad as it was for him.

Arctic, a film by Brazilian director Joe Penna, features virtually no dialogue. Perhaps this explains why Netflix, which caters to many non-English speakers, has seen success with the movie. No matter what language you speak, Arctic’s premise—that a man is stranded, extremely cold, starving, and fighting not to die—is simple to comprehend.

Although it’s a story that anybody can understand, that doesn’t guarantee it happened. Although there are probably real-life accounts of pilots who perished in the Arctic Circle, they did not serve as the inspiration for the fictional film Arctic. Learn more about the inspiration for the Arctic movie by reading on.

Take a Look at This Handy “The Arctic” Fact Sheet

Title Superstore
Directed by Joe Penna
Edited by Joseph Trapanese
Produced by Chris Lemole

Tim Zajaros

Noah C. Haeussner

Cinematography Tómas Örn Tómasson
Release date 10 May 2018 (Cannes)

1 February 2019 (United States)

Music Joseph Trapanese
Starring Mads Mikkelsen
Country of Origin United States


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Is the Arctic on Netflix?

The movie was chosen on April 12, 2018, to compete for the Camera d’Or at the 2018 Cannes Film Festival. Out of the Cannes Film Festival, Bleecker Street purchased U.S. and worldwide rights.

The movie was first made available on Netflix US on February 1st, 2023, and it soon rose to the top of the list of the week’s most popular movies.

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Does the Arctic Have a Real-life Basis?

No. You might be glad to know that the Arctic is not at all based on a true account of a person who was stranded in the Arctic. The entire movie was supposed to take place on Mars rather than the freezing tundra of Earth, according to Brazilian filmmaker Joe Penna, who also co-wrote the story with Ryan Morrison and directed the movie.

In a 2019 interview with Screenrant, Penna stated, “The original inspiration was this image that I saw on the internet that resembled a half-terraformed Mars.” “I showed it to my writing partner and said, “This is interesting. Let’s weave a tale for this world.

Penna and Morrison decided to write a survival tale. In a different interview with The Hot Corn, Penna stated, “We started looking into different survival flicks and I eventually discovered an image of what Mars is going to look like one day when we start planting trees and everything, and it looked so inhospitable, nonetheless.”

Is the Arctic on Netflix Does It Have a Real-life Basis

The whole story, which takes place on Mars, was written by Penna and Morrison before the release of The Martian’s trailer. “We forwarded it to our agents, who appreciated the movie but also sent us a link to The Martian, the newest picture from director Ridley Scott.

So, good luck with your current attempt to get it made,” Penna said. We transported it to the Arctic because we believed it would function there just as well. It changed from him being unable to breathe to just being cold, he continued.

The central theme of the tale we want to tell remained constant, and it could take place either in the Arctic or a desert. You may thank Matt Damon and Ridley Scott for choosing to send Mads Mikkelsen to the Arctic rather than Mars.

Trailer For “The Arctic”

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Plot of the Movie the Arctic?

After an airplane crash leaves him stranded in the Arctic, the man must choose between staying in his temporary camp, which is relatively safe, and setting out on a perilous walk into the wilderness in the hopes of surviving.

Is the Arctic a Worthwhile Film?

The survival horror film ARCTIC has a surprisingly sweet human heart and an appreciation for the human soul. It is compelling even though there isn’t a lot of bloodshed or action to rely on. It is a jewel that must not be overlooked.

Are They Rescued in the Arctic?

The lone survivor of a distant arctic plane disaster is Overgrd (Mads Mikkelsen). He makes a living by ice fishing and prudent management. While searching for him, a rescue chopper runs into a wind gust and crashes. The co-pilot, a young woman, is saved by him.

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