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Is Taken Movie on Netflix? Where to Watch It on the Internet?

The film Taken was first made available to French audiences on February 27, 2008, by EuropaCorp, and then on January 30, 2009, in the United States by 20th Century Fox.

The movie made almost $226 million in revenue. Even though the picture received mixed reviews from critics, many media sites described it as a pivotal moment in Neeson’s career that reshaped and made him into an action film star.

Two sequels, Taken 2 and Taken 3, were released in 2012 and 2014, respectively, and are the first two movies in the Taken series. On NBC, a new television show featuring Clive Standen playing a younger Bryan Mills debuted in 2017.

Take a Look at This Handy โ€œTakenโ€ Fact Sheet

Title Taken
Directed by Pierre Morel
Written by Luc Besson

Robert Mark Kamen

Cinematography by Michel Abramowicz
Edited by Frรฉdรฉric Thoraval
Original Release 27 February 2008 (France)

30 January 2009 (United States)

Language English



Countries France

Is Taken Movie on Netflix?

The action-thriller Taken was written by Luc Besson and Robert Mark Kamen and filmed by Pierre Morel in 2008. Starring in it are Liam Neeson, Holly Valance, Maggie Grace, Famke Janssen, Katie Cassidy, Leland Orser, and The movie stars Neeson as Bryan Mills, a former CIA agent who begins searching for his teenage daughter Kim and her best friend Amanda when they are abducted by Albanian human traffickers while vacationing in France. We regret to inform you that Netflix does not currently have the movie taken.

Is Taken Movie on Netflix Where to Watch It on the Internet

Where to Watch Taken on the Internet?

In this suspenseful film, an ex-CIA agent played by Liam Neeson transforms himself into a one-man killing machine after the kidnappers of his daughter turn out to be brutal slave smugglers.

You may see advertisements on Hulu, Disney+, and ESPN+ all for the low price of $12.99 each month.

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Review For โ€œTakenโ€

Osama bin Laden would have been an American prisoner since late September 2001 if CIA agents, in general, were as proficient as Bryan Mills in particular. A master of all trades, Mills is a one-man rescue crew.

Kim now resides with her mother, Mills’ ex-wife Famke Janssen, and her effortlessly wealthy husband Xander Berkeley, whose notion of a birthday gift is to give Kim something that resembles a thoroughbred rather than a pony.

The world is hazardous for a naive teenage girl, as Mills knows having witnessed combat in Afghanistan and seemingly everywhere else. Reviewing a film like this is difficult. On the one hand, it’s absurd, but on the other, it’s well-made.

I have a new query after reading “Taken.” Do these clubs exist? Would you turn on your fellow lodge members if you lost everything in a Ponzi scheme? Liam Neeson can give most roles unwarranted credibility simply by portraying them. Luc Besson produces high-quality rubbish, and occasionally far better trash.

Trailer For โ€œTakenโ€

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Taken a Worthwhile Film?

Yes! Although Taken’s first third serves to summarise what we already know, the second and third acts provide enough excitement and action to keep us interested even if we know where the story is going.

What is the Taken Movie’s Message?

Bryan Mills was brave and inspirational, as portrayed by Liam Neeson. A man’s willingness to go to such lengths to save his only daughter could only be motivated by a father’s love. Being prepared to go above and beyond to save someone you love dearly is a recurring subject in this film.

What Occurs at the End of Taken?

In the film TAKEN, Amanda, an abducted and possibly raped character, overdoses on drugs and dies. Looking dejected is Awful. Despite being saved at the end of the movie, Amanda is not acknowledged or lamented in any way. The daughter’s new singing lessons have her feeling much more energized!

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