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Is Rogue Agent on Netflix? “Rogue Agent” is an Exciting Cautionary Tale!

The 2022 British mystery drama thriller film Rogue Agent is directed by Adam Patterson and Declan Lawn, based on a screenplay they co-wrote with Michael Bronner and the Michael Bronner article “Chasing Agent Freegard.”

Robert Hendy-Freegard is portrayed by James Norton as a conman who deceived and persuaded several people that he was an MI5 agent. Along with Julian Barratt, Edwina Findley, Marisa Abela, Shazad Latif, and Gemma Arterton, other cast members include Shazad Latif as the one who brought him down. The film, which stars James Norton and Gemma Arterton, debuts on Netflix UK in late July 2022.

Check Out This Handy โ€œRogue Agentโ€ Fact Sheet

Title Rogue Agent
Directed by Adam Patterson

Declan Lawn

Written by Michael Bronner

Adam Patterson

Declan Lawn

Release date 27 July 2022
Cinematography Larry Smith
Running time 116 minutes
Language English
Countries United Kingdom

Is Rogue Agent on Netflix?

Rogue Agent, also known as Freegard in the UK, is a crime drama whose international rights have been purchased by Netflix. Significantly, Netflix in the United States won’t be getting the movie.

The film, which stars James Norton and Gemma Arterton, debuts on Netflix UK in late July 2022. You can use a VPN to watch this crime drama.

Is Rogue Agent on Netflix? "Rogue Agent" is an Exciting Cautionary Tale!

Why Do You Need a VPN to Watch Rogue Agent?

You may have observed that while the Netflix app is fun to use in every country, the available content varies from one Netflix country to the next. Due to different countries’ licensing regulations for the content, Netflix is only allowed to stream movies and TV series in those countries.

Geo-restrictions are used by Netflix to ensure that only viewers in countries with streaming rights are allowed to watch Rogue Agent, hence avoiding licensing issues. Using a VPN, you may virtually “be” anywhere on the planet.

Hence, when you connect to a VPN server in the USA from any place else in the world, your IP address will reflect this VPN server nation instead of where you are.

The Netflix app will trick Netflix into providing you access to the US Netflix content collection rather than your Asian library when you use it from Asia.

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“Rogue Agent” is an Exciting Cautionary Tale!

“Rogue Agent” is based on a scary true story and stars James Norton. Declan Lawn and Adam Patterson directed it. It tells the story of Robert Freegard, a professional con man, and looks at not only how manipulative his main character is, but also the people he tricks and how his charm can make almost anyone trust him.

Norton, who plays Freegard, first heard about the story in an email. His production company, Rabbit Track Pictures, which he started with former TV Head Kitty Kaletsky, then got the ball rolling. Both Lawn and Patterson, who are directors, were interested in the Freegard puzzle, which is a bit more personal.

Patterson says, “I was in a relationship with a sociopathic liar years ago, and it took a lot to get me out of that.” Both Lawn and Norton cared about the story and worked hard to make it interesting.

At the beginning of the movie, Freegard tries to get college students to work for him as “MI5 agents,” which is a secret job. Then, as the years go by, his charm grows. In the movie, it all comes to a head when he meets the smart and beautiful Alice (Gemma Arterton).

Is Rogue Agent on Netflix? "Rogue Agent" is an Exciting Cautionary Tale!

Like Alice, the audience is taken on a ride. Norton felt the same way, but he and the director were always thinking about how to stay true to the victims. The movie lets the audience decide for themselves where the truth stops and manipulation begins.

Patterson and Lawn’s jobs as investigative reporters changed the way they saw the world. “Rogue Agent” shows how Freegard’s relationship with Alice, an American psychiatrist, goes from good to bad (Sarah Goldberg). As the story goes on, the con man’s effects on relationships change along with it.

Freegard knows what people don’t have and what they think they need to be happy, and he uses that against them to steal their money and ruin their lives. Robert Freegard was found guilty of two counts of kidnapping, ten counts of theft, and eight counts of lying, and he was sentenced to life in prison.

The Court of Appeal overturned Freegard’s two kidnapping convictions in April 2007, and he was released from prison in 2009. “Puppet Master,” a Netflix documentary, also talks about Freegard’s life after he got out of prison. People started calling the cast and crew to say they knew someone who was under Freegard’s spell or was married to someone who was.

“Rogue Agent” shows how people can be fooled by charm, manipulation, and lies. It also shows what happens when the truth is hidden by these things. Even though it’s exciting to watch, it has a deeper purpose because it helps bring all of that to light, even though people like this are in power.

Trailer For “Rogue Agent”

Frequently Asked Questions

What Case is the Basis for Rogue Agent?

Based on a true event, “Rogue Agent” chronicles the nearly incredible narrative of Robert Freegard, a British car salesman who, in the 1990s, used his pretense of being an MI5 spy seeking recruits to seduce at least seven women and exploit many more (including two men).

What Happens When Rogue Agent Ends?

The parents of Sophie are overjoyed to see their daughter again when Alice brings them together. Alice’s testimony during Freegard’s trial two years later marks the film’s conclusion.

Where Did the Rogue Agent End Up?

On September 6, 2005, Robert Freegard received a life sentence. On two counts of kidnapping, ten counts of stealing, and eight counts of fraud, he was found guilty.

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