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Is Pocoyo Available on Netflix? When Was Pocoyo Over?

There have been four series created, each with 52 seven-minute episodes. The show’s first two English-language seasons are narrated by English actor and comedian Stephen Fry, whereas the third and fourth seasons, Let’s Go Pocoyo, are narrated by Stephen Hughes.

The show’s narration in Castilian Spanish is provided by José Mara del Rio. Pocoyo Planet, a brand-new spin-off program, was developed in 2016.

The fifth season, which is expected to premiere in the middle of 2023 and will mark the show’s 20th anniversary, has been given the go-ahead on October 12, 2022.

Take a Look at This Handy “Pocoyo” Fact Sheet

Title Pocoyo
Created by David Cantolla

Luis Gallego

Guillermo Garcia

Colman Lopez

Directed by Guillermo García Carsí

David Cantolla

Alfonso Rodriguez

Produced by Carolina Matas

Pilar Cubría

Theme music composer Daniel Heredero
Release Dates 10 May 2005 
Language English


Countries United States


Is Pocoyo Available on Netflix

In this realistic, vibrantly colored preschool animated adventure series, Pocoyo, a pleasant child, sets off to discover new things. The Netflix series is geo-blocked, so viewers who reside outside of the United States cannot access it.

Keep trying because there is a solution to this problem. With a virtual private network, you can access Netflix in the United States (VPN).

Is Pocoyo on Netflix When Was Pocoyo Over

Why Do You Need A VPN To Watch Pocoyo?

The Netflix app is entertaining to use no matter where you are, but you may have noticed that the content selection varies from one Netflix nation to the next. Because each nation has its licensing laws governing the content, Netflix’s streaming services for movies and television are only accessible in a small number of those nations.

By limiting access to Call the Stepmom on Netflix to customers from nations having streaming rights, licensing concerns can be avoided. You can access any location on the earth by using a VPN.

Your IP address will therefore not reflect your actual location when you connect to a VPN server in the USA from anywhere else in the world, but rather the location of the VPN server you are connected to.

By connecting from Asia via the Netflix app, you can deceive Netflix into giving you access to the US version of their library rather than the Asian one.

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When Was Pocoyo Over?

In the United States, the program debuted in 2010 on Nick Jr. It was initially broadcast as 7-minute interstitials before being lengthened to a 30-minute program from July 23, 2011, through January 2, 2015. The Noggin app is currently where you may watch episodes of the program.

There are presently episodes of “Pocoyo Planet” on the app as well. Moreover, PBS Kids packages it as reruns after Peep and the Great Wide World. The show debuted on the Qubo Channel on April 6, 2016, and on Cartoon Network on September 13, 2021, as a part of Cartoonito, the network’s preschool programming block.

In April 2008, TVE2 in Spain began airing the second season. Let’s Go Pocoyo was the name of the third season, which debuted in 2010 and was created to instruct toddlers in Spanish in English.

The producers also intend to work on additional endeavors, one of which might be a Pocoyo film. The 30th Annecy International Animation Film Festival’s Cristal Award for “Best TV Production” was given to Pocoyo in June 2006.

Trailer For “Pocoyo”

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Pocoyo Intended for?

Pocoyo, on the other hand, is pure, enjoyable, instructive entertainment for our kids that doesn’t contain any crude language, inappropriate behavior, or adult innuendos. The age range for this product is from 6 months to 3 years old.

Has Pocoyo Ever Been With a Woman?

In one picture, Nina can be seen kissing Pocoyo’s cheeks, suggesting that they are romantically involved. Her particular favorites suggest that she is younger than Pocoyo and that she enjoys butterflies and soothing music.

How Widespread is Pocoyo?

Pocoyo’s place as one of the most well-liked children’s characters on YouTube has been further cemented by these remarkable numbers, which total more than 19.5 billion views and 1.67 billion watch hours.

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