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Is Norbit Available on Netflix? Was the Body Used in It Real?

On February 9, 2007, it was made available to the public by DreamWorks and Paramount Pictures. Eddie Murphy plays multiple roles in the film, including the title character Norbit and his abusive and obese wife Rasputia.

Norbit, who regrets ever having married Rasputia, finally decides that he has had enough of her behavior around the same time that his childhood sweetheart Kate returns to his life with plans for the orphanage where the two of them grew up.

Norbit is willing to sacrifice everything to be with her, but he also has to deal with Rasputia, who has her plans.

Take a Look at This Handy โ€œNorbitโ€ Fact Sheet

Title Norbit
Directed by Brian Robbins
Screenplay by Eddie Murphy

Charles Murphy

Jay Scherick

David Ronn

Produced by John Davis

Eddie Murphy

Edited by Ned Bastille
Budget $60 million
Language English
Countries United States

Is Norbit on Netflix?

The film Norbit, released in 2007, tells the story of a guy who is coerced into marrying a domineering lady. The mild-mannered Norbit eventually runs into Kate, the girl he loved as a child.

You may watch Norbit on Netflix to find out what happens to him and who he ends up with if you are curious about either of those things. Even though Norbit (2007) is only available in a few Netflix countries, I can assist you in gaining access to it from any location in the world by utilizing a Virtual Private Network (VPN).

Is Norbit on Netflix Was the Body Used in It Real

Why Do You Need A VPN To Watch Norbit?

The Netflix app is enjoyable to use wherever you are, but different Netflix countries provide different content, as you may have noticed. Only a few nations provide Netflix’s streaming services for movies and television since each one has its licensing laws governing the material.

By only allowing customers from nations where streaming rights are accessible to access Norbit on Netflix, licensing concerns can be avoided. Reaching any location on the earth is possible when using a VPN.

Your IP address will consequently incorrectly represent the location of the VPN server you are connecting to when you connect to a VPN server in the USA from anywhere else in the world.

The Netflix app may be used to connect from Asia and deceive the service into giving you access to the US version of their collection rather than the Asian one.

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Was the Body Used in Norbit Real?

The answer is no. For various shots, especially the water park, a body double was utilized. As Rasputia, Murphy performed on a green screen while wearing makeup, and his head was digitally composited onto the body double.

Review for โ€œNorbitโ€

Eddie Murphy must now start praying that no one who can vote for Best Supporting Actor in the 2007 Oscar race would watch Norbit since no one in their right mind would consider giving honor to anyone involved in this misstep, including Murphy.

On their joint opening weekend, the film forms an unexpected combination with Hannibal Rising. Although crude, harsh, and somewhat unpleasant, there are no laughs to be had. Only if there is a reward can one go through such terrible material as the tripe that makes up Norbit.

Is Norbit on Netflix Was the Body Used in It Real

In this instance, it appears that the argument is that certain performers will do anything to make a profit. The perfect match for Norbit (Eddie Murphy), a tiny, bookish man, is Kate (Thandie Newton), his best friend from the orphanage where they both spent their formative years.

(That response results from the fact that it even exists.)

Eddie Murphy’s ability to play nearly every character in The Nutty Professor 2 is taken and stripped of any charm and humor by Norbit. Kate’s fiance Deion (Cuba Gooding Jr.) and Norbit’s wife Rasputia are the two obstacles preventing Norbit and Kate from finding true love (Murphy the third).

The entire film is schtick, the kind of material that would fit well in a five-minute Saturday Night Live skit. Some of the most abhorrent jokes fall flat the first time that they are repeated. Thandie Newton is at least in the film. Who would have guessed that Cuba Gooding Jr. could have found a movie worse than Boat Trip to appear in?

Trailer For โ€œNorbitโ€

Frequently Asked Questions

Was Norbit a Worthwhile Film?

Norbit is a dull movie that will make you sad. Simply told, there are no chuckles or other forms of amusement in this comedy. This is undoubtedly one of the most idiotic comedies I’ve ever seen, and Eddie Murphy is a disgrace on television.

Is Norbit Suitable for 13-year-olds?

The MPAA has given Norbit a PG-13 rating due to some crass and sexual humor, language, and some nudity. (The movie was originally given an R classification; however, it was changed.) Norbit features a lot of potty humor and gags about bodily processes, just like many movies in this category.

What Occurs at the End of Norbit?

After divorcing Rasputia, Norbit lashes out and tries to kill himself with a spade, but Mr. Wong harpoons him in the back. As a result of being driven from their hometown, she and her brothers establish a strip club in Mexico, where Rasputia works as a dancer.

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