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Is Mountain Men Available on Netflix? Where to Watch This Series?

There are still individuals who reject the comfortable life and want to live off the grid at a time when people are enthusiastically embracing contemporary conveniences and the globe is becoming more connected.

Even if there aren’t many of these men left in today’s world, they provide enough evidence that even the most hostile environments can be improved to make them bearable.

The show introduces viewers to guys who have lived off the land their entire lives, including Marty Meierotto, Tom Oar, and Eustace Conway.

They can endure harsh conditions in places like the northern regions of Alaska, where the temperature can drop to 60 below zero, Yaak River in Montana, where the harsh winters can last up to seven months each year, and the Blue Ridge Mountains in North Carolina, which can try even the most courageous men’s patience.

All of these men bravely contend with a variety of challenges while living in harsh environments, including mudslides, hungry apex predators, extreme weather, a lack of basic utilities, and others. Here is all the streaming information you will need if you think the show seems interesting and want to watch it.

Some Quick Information About “Mountain Men”

Title The Skeleton Key
Genre Reality
Narrated by D. B. Sweeney
Produced by Marc Pierce

Russ McCarroll

Jake Laufer

Executive Chris Richardson
Production Company Warm Springs Productions
Narrated by D. B. Sweeney
Original Network History
Country of Origin United States

Is Mountain Men Available on Netflix?

No, “Mountain Men” is not among Netflix’s outstanding selection of television programs. But ‘Win the Wilderness’ is another option for those who want to watch something like it.

Synopsis for Mountain Men

Two estranged brothers, Toph and Cooper, are the subjects of the comedy/drama Mountain Men, which follows them as they travel to a secluded family property in the highlands to evict a squatter.

When the dust settles, they’ve ruined their car and burned down the cottage, leaving them trapped in the bitter Rocky Mountain winter. Buried bitterness and injured egos quickly derailed the plan. To return to civilization, they must learn to cooperate as brothers because their very existence is on the line.


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Review For “Mountain Men”

Mountain Men never succeeds in fusing its various components into a pleasing totality. It begins as a familiar-feeling, dysfunctional family dramedy before it inexplicably transitions into a survivalist drama.

Although the movie has its moments, largely because of co-star Tyler Labine’s comic prowess (he is the brother of the movie’s writer-director, Cameron Labine), the picture falls victim to the formula long before it reaches its end.

Toph (Labine), a slacker who makes a poor living as a part-time DJ and low-level cannabis dealer, and his brother Cooper (Chace Crawford), a successful big-city lawyer who has visited their little hamlet after a long absence to attend their mother’s wedding, serve as the film’s key characters.

Toph’s girlfriend (Britt Irvin) tells him she’s pregnant; his response is that he’ll drive her to the abortion clinic; and the eventual revelation that Cooper has broken up with his girlfriend, who he describes as a “12” on a scale of one to ten. Personal issues abound. Their father was presumed dead after going missing in the mountain wilderness years earlier.

In order to purportedly remove a squatter, Toph, who obviously looks up to his emotionally disconnected sibling, is able to persuade him to go to their secluded family cabin.

Is Mountain Men on Netflix? What Does Mountain Man Do for a Living?

The issues that follow are initially humorous, with Cooper unintentionally eating his brother’s pot-filled cookies and the cabin accidentally catching fire (a simple editing change here earns a large chuckle).

The situation becomes very severe as Toph fights to survive in the harsh winter weather with his immobile brother Cooper after the stoned Cooper slips out into the night and breaks his leg in a tumble.

Despite the sporadic humorous and enlightening exchanges between the two guys that perfectly portray the complexity of brother relationships, none of this feels even remotely convincing.

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Labine, who has frequently and not unjustifiably been compared to Jack Black, transmits the large heart of the wastrel Toph in a compelling way, while Crawford gives his starkly different character a gloomy intensity that is believable. However, despite their best efforts and the breathtaking surroundings in British Columbia, Mountain Men are unable to achieve much success.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Mountain Men a Staged Production?

The Mountain Men cast members are unquestionably expert survivalists, not just paid actors performing the job. However, for the sake of the spectators at home, some of the crucial scenes are dramatized.

What Does Mountain Man Do for a Living?

An adventurer who lives in the outdoors is known as a mountain man. From roughly 1810 through the 1880s, the North American Rocky Mountains had the highest concentration of mountain men (with a peak population in the early 1840s).

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