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Is Moulin Rouge on Netflix? If Not, Where to Watch Moulin Rouge?

It’s 1899 in Paris. Young English poet Christian moves to Paris to seek a meager writing career. However, he soon encounters a group of bohemians who suggest that he create a musical production for them to perform in the Moulin Rouge, Paris’ most famed underground nightclub.

Christian encounters Satine, the Moulin Rouge’s leading lady and a stunning courtesan, on the night they arrive. He immediately falls in love with her, and although it takes some persuasion, she does too.

Harold Zidler, the club’s owner, invests in a wealthy Duke to help pay for the establishment, but the Duke will only contribute if Satine is his. This romantic triangle turns and turns. Satine is unaware of a dreadful secret that could bring about the end of the world.

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Title Luck
Directed by Baz Luhrmann
Written by Baz Luhrmann

Craig Pearce

Produced by Martin Brown

Baz Luhrmann

Fred Baron

Cinematography Donald M. McAlpineย 
Release date 9 May 2001 (Cannes)

18 May 2001 (U.S.)

25 May 2001 (Australia)

Music Craig Armstrong
Budget $50 million
Countries United States


Is Moulin Rouge on Netflix?

In this chic musical featuring music from well-known 20th-century sources, a poet falls in love with a stunning courtesan whom a jealous duke covets.

Sorry, Netflix does not have Moulin Rouge! You can check back frequently to see when Netflix becomes available for streaming because we check it hundreds of times each day.

Where to Watch Moulin Rouge?

The drama film Moulin Rouge, starring Nicole Kidman, Ewan McGregor, and John Leguizamo, is currently accessible to stream online. You may watch it on your Roku and Hulu.

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Review For “Moulin Rouge”

The show’s termination is ultimately due to its inability to adequately modernize the music. The producers have now added a completely new, disjointed playlist of well-known songs to the stage. This wacky new Moulin Rouge! production is bursting at the seams with that quality.

It won’t be simple to produce the renowned musical movie, which was helmed by Baz Luhrmann and starred an alcoholic Nicole Kidman and a heartbroken Ewan McGregor.

The composers have included a disorganized new playlist full of songs from widely renowned artists, ranging from Rick Astley to Lorde, to build the mood for the stage. The “Elephant Love Medley” is one of the few tracks where the additions are quite effective.

Is Moulin Rouge on Netflix If Not, Where to Watch Moulin Rouge

In his portrayal of the artist Toulouse-Lautrec, Jason Pennycooke delivers a superb performance. The design created by Derek McLane is very magnificent, with the delicately carved Montmartre rooftops giving way to a dated, dusty artist’s studio.

While Jamie Bogyo’s performance as Christian is endearingly uncomfortable, Liisi LaFontaine’s portrayal as Satine is simply magnificent. A peek of the Moulin Rouge may be seen through gaping windows as the beautifully carved Montmartre rooftops give way to an old, dusty artist’s studio in Derek McLane’s very stunning design.

Trailer For “Moulin Rouge”

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Musical Version of Moulin Rouge Worthwhile?

Each and every performer is worth their weight in diamonds, and the costumes and staging are brilliant works of art. The staging is the most lavish and magnificent you’re ever going to witness.

Does the Story Behind Moulin Rouge Truly Exist?

Characters from history. Some of the characters are loosely based on historical figures from the Moulin Rouge. Along with Joseph Oller, Charles Zidler was one of the club’s founders, and that’s where Harold Zidler, the Moulin Rouge’s club owner, came from.

What Illness Was Satine Suffering From in Moulin Rouge?

End-stage pulmonary tuberculosis is anything but glamorous, and Mimi and Satine put everyone around them at risk with each breath. Although the deaths of Mimi in Puccini’s La Boheme and Satine in Moulin Rouge are shown as romantic, sad events, this is not the case.

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