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Is Minority Report on Netflix? What You Can Expect From It?

This is a complete guide to the action film Minority Report on the American Netflix service. Information such as when it was added to the US Netflix catalog, whether or not it has expired or received any additional episodes or seasons, its star-studded cast, and its rating is provided. Keep reading to find out more, or forward this article to your friends so they can see what you’re viewing.

Take a Look at This Handy “Minority Report” Fact Sheet

Title Minority Report
Directed by Steven Spielberg
Screenplay by Scott Frank

Jon Cohen

Edited by Michael Kahn
Cinematography Janusz Kamiński
Release Dates June 19, 2002 (Ziegfeld Theatre)

June 21, 2002 (United States)

Language English
Countries United States

Is Minority Report on Netflix?

The film “Minority Report” is currently available to stream on Netflix. Online, you may rent “Minority Report” from services like Amazon Video, Google Play Movies, YouTube, and Apple TV, or purchase it as a download from those sites.

What You Can Expect From It?

Naturally, Steven Spielberg has directed more than his fair share of legendary films. However, the bulk of his critically acclaimed works was produced in the ’70s, ’80s, and ’90s. It’s a typical criticism of Spielberg’s work in the 21st century that his previous films are superior.

Although some of the director’s worse works have been shown to audiences over the previous 23 years, this hardly applies to all of his more recent efforts.

That is particularly true for Minority Report. Based on a short novel by Philip K. Dick and co-adapted by The Queen’s Gambit author Scott Frank, this science fiction smash hit from 2002 is exciting, thought-provoking, and a well-realized piece of genre cinema. It’s one of Spielberg’s most underrated works, and it has two of the best performances of Tom Cruise and Colin Farrell’s careers.

Is Minority Report on Netflix? What You Can Expect From It?

In Minority Report, Tom Cruise plays John Anderton, the bereaved head of the government’s Precrime Police Program, which employs three psychics called “precogs” to prevent homicides before they occur. When John discovers that the program he oversees has predicted that he will soon kill a man he has never met, his entire world is thrown upside down. John, who used to work for the government and is now on the run from them, is on the run because he wants to find out the truth about his future while the precogs are still held in such high regard.

For the most part, the movie plays out like a standard but tense “guy on the run” thriller. In the second half, we get a series of exciting chase sequences that allow Spielberg to show off his continued technical mastery.

As Anderton first eludes his Precrime pursuers, he sprints through alleys and apartment complexes after hopping from the hood of one futuristic automobile to another, which is a great opportunity to showcase the city of the future that serves as a stand-in for Washington, D.C. in the film.

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John’s escape route culminates in an automobile plant, but Spielberg and cinematographer Janusz Kominski keep the audience from becoming lost in the geography or the drama throughout the entire section. The action scenes in Minority Report are shot with Kominski’s distinctive overexposed technique, adding to the surrealism of the science fiction setting.

Tom Cruise, playing a man whose life is on the point of being ruined, gives one of his most high-strung performances in the character of Anderton, bringing his typical degree of over-commitment to the role. Colin Farrell’s performance as the villain Danny Witwer, though, is the film’s highlight. Differentiating Danny from John, Farrell’s smarminess and arrogance in the role make him the ideal person to track down Cruise throughout the whole of the film’s second act.

At about the two-thirds mark, Minority Report sheds its pursuit movie cover and becomes a full-fledged paranoid conspiracy thriller. The Washington, D.C. location helps to highlight and literalize the film’s themes of surveillance and corruption, and in true Spielberg flair, the film can switch gears without losing any of its entertaining value.

Although some may find the film’s abrupt resolution to be unrealistic, Minority Report accomplishes what every good science fiction movie should. It manages to be both entertaining and insightful about contemporary society without watering down either aspect.

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Is It a Good Idea to Check Out Minority Report?

Responses to “Minority Report” by Critics

Easily one of the best films starring Tom Cruise, and perhaps one of the best directed by Steven Spielberg as well… Enjoyable to watch to the fullest extent; a superbly suspenseful thriller. Rating: 5/5 | Full Review Date: July 29, 2022, It’s more clinical and calculated than much of Spielberg’s work, and it works to its advantage.

Did You Like Minority Report?

Movies starring Cruise were reliably successful at the box office. It was for this reason that he was able to star in a groundbreaking science fiction film like Minority Report without drawing much attention to himself. The movie certainly did well at the box office.

Is Minority Report the Inspiration for “Psycho”?

Several Western movies served as models for the series, but L.A. Confidential was especially influential. Naoyoshi Shiotani, the film’s director, credited several previous films—including Minority Report, Gattaca, Brazil, and Blade Runner—for inspiring him.

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