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Is Luck Available on Netflix? If Not, Where Can It Be Streamed?

Sam Greenfield, who is arguably the unluckiest girl in the world, is the subject of the animated fantasy comedy “Luck,” which was directed by Peggy Holmes.

When she unintentionally discovers the secret world of luck, her world quickly becomes upside-down. In the made-up country, the agents of good fortune reside in the top half, while bad luck is dealt with in the lower half.

Sam quickly brings down the entire system due to her propensity for bad luck, but she’s determined to change things. But she soon has to deal with a power that goes beyond mere chance.

The film, which has a cast of diversely brilliant performers providing the voices, effortlessly wins over audiences with its compelling plot. The sheer quantity of animal-based characters and other magical features also add to the movie’s likeability. We can help if you’re curious about how to view the animated comedy because you’re attracted by its premise.

Take a Look at This Handy “Luck” Fact Sheet

Title Luck
Directed by Peggy Holmes
Screenplay by Kiel Murray
Produced by John Lasseter

David Ellison

Dana Goldberg

David Eisenmann

Cinematography Thomas Leavitt

Ferran Llàcer Álvarez 

Eduardo Suazo 

Release date August 2, 2022 (Madrid)

August 5, 2022 (United States)

Music John Debney
Story by Jonathan Aibel

Glenn Berger

Kiel Murray

Countries United States


Is Luck Available on Netflix? If Not, Where Can It Be Streamed?

Is Luck Available on Netflix? If Not, Where Can It Be Streamed?

The animated movie is not, sadly, a Netflix original. Apple TV+ is now able to stream Luck. To make the fantasy comedy, the streaming service collaborated with Skydance Animation.

This probably isn’t the news you wanted to hear if you’re a Netflix-only user. Currently, there are a lot of streaming services available that users must pay for and keep track of.

For a 7-day free trial, followed by a $4.99/month subscription price, Apple TV+ is available if you’re really interested in seeing the movie.

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Who is in the Cast of “Luck”?

Along with seasoned actors Goldberg and Fonda, who portray The Captain, head of security in the Land of Luck, and The Dragon, CEO of Good Luck, respectively, Eva Noblezada provides the voice of Sam in the animated series.

As the mystical beings Sam meets, Simon Pegg portrays the fortunate black cat Bob, Flula Borg portrays Jeff the Unicorn, and Colin O’Donoghue portrays a “faithful leprechaun” named Gerry.

Other voices in the cast include Adelynn Spoon as Sam’s foster roommate Hazel and Lil Rel Howery as the proprietor of the flower store where Sam obtains her first job. Rootie, the mayor of Bad Luck, is portrayed by John Ratzenberger.

Is Luck Available on Netflix? If Not, Where Can It Be Streamed?

Reviews for “Luck”

John Lasseter, the former head of Pixar Animation, makes an unlucky comeback in “Luck.” The picture by director Peggy Holmes is one of the worst of the year and a complete mess. Inane dialogue forced antics, and a ridiculously complicated backstory characterize this film.

He is currently back at Skydance Animation where he is the head of the animation and a producer for the Apple TV+ streaming movie “Luck.” However, none of that is necessary for you to conclude this film is a disaster and among the worst of the year. Even though everything is depressingly predictable, Sam remains positive and optimistic despite any difficulties or setbacks.

Young audience members could definitely relate to such unpredictability. Film critique: “Luck” is best suited for young viewers with little expectations. The dangers of lawnmower parenting are addressed in this story in a pertinent manner.

Trailer For “Luck”

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Luck Movie’s Message?

Parents should be aware that Sam, the world’s unluckiest person, is the subject of the animated movie Luck, which is voiced by Eva Noblezada. When she unintentionally enters the Land of Luck, she gains valuable insights for overcoming obstacles and dealing with disappointments.

Who Plays the Villain in Luck?

The primary antagonist of the 2019 Lucky St. Patrick’s Day cartoon Nickelodeon special is Harry Houlihan.

Who Triumphs in the Luck Movie?

Ram lives and receives his reward, but it is revealed that his heart is on his right side (dextrocardia), which is quite unusual for a human.

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