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Is La La Land on Netflix? Was La La Land Damien Chazelle’s Dream Project?

Damien Chazelle’s critically acclaimed musical drama “La La Land” has won over audiences everywhere since its 2016 debut.

This sentimental and beautiful film, which stars Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone in the major roles, has received numerous awards and has gone on to become a modern classic.

The magic of “La La Land” can now be enjoyed by viewers from the convenience of their own homes thanks to Netflix, which is streaming the movie. We’ll delve into “La La Land story, “‘s performances, and overall production in this article to offer you an inside look at this can’t-miss film.

Check Out This Handy “La La Land” Fact Sheet

Title La La Land
Directed by Damien Chazelle
Edited by Tom Cross
Produced by Fred Berger

Jordan Horowitz

Gary Gilbert

Marc Platt

Music by Justin Hurwitz
Cinematography Linus Sandgren
Language English
Countries United States

Is La La Land on Netflix?

The pursuit of career clashes with a lovely romance as two artists in contemporary Los Angeles deals with a devastating decision.

For all users who wish to see the movie La La Land, there is excellent news. Yeah, you are correct; it is currently available for streaming on Netflix, where you can enjoy watching it.

Is La La Land on Netflix Was La La Land Damien Chazelle's Dream Project

Was La La Land Damien Chazelle’s Dream Project?

Damien Chazelle was planning on making his movie, La La Land, first before directing the acclaimed Whiplash. Chazelle has always had a passion for La La Land, but he didn’t receive the chance to make the movie until Whiplash gave him the confidence to do it.

Chazelle had to start working on a smaller movie first because when he pitched the La La Land script, people had the guts to tell him it wasn’t good.

Whiplash, which was based on Chazelle’s teen years as a drummer, was started. Jason Reitman’s investment allowed Damien Chazelle to successfully direct Whiplash before moving on to his real passion project.

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Review For “La La Land”

A profound passion that cannot be expressed in words has been adapted in two of the greatest musicals of all time, “La La Land” by Damann Chazelle and “Fred Astaire.” The focus of contemporary cinema musicals has been mainly on songs that advance the story, with choreography and the piano refrain having more impact than the lyrics.

This lovely movie explores the interrelationships between love and dreams. Dreamers abound in Los Angeles, but sometimes it takes a partner to help their dreams come true. Aiming to build their club and falling in love via dance, “La La Land” follows the lives of two young aspiring performers, Sebastian (Ryan Gosling) and Emma (Emma Stone).

Is La La Land on Netflix Was La La Land Damien Chazelle's Dream Project

But, they know where this is going, and Gosling & Stone have the connection to make us eager for them to start dating. The two make a few false starts and playfully criticize each other’s foibles in their initial scenes.

The first big focal point sequence is Sebastian and Mia taking a lengthy stroll together as the sun sets over the Hollywood Hills and they begin to notice parallels in one another.

Instead of selling out and performing the greatest hits for tourists, Sebastian wants to create his club because he believes that jazz should be ideal. A brilliantly choreographed dance piece is performed by the dancers, who are agile, focused, and fascinating. Gosling and Stone are two movie stars with the kind of star power that endears audiences to musicals from the bygone age.

They have such likable personalities and deep personas that they could carry a conversation without music. “La La Land” is a musical that pays homage to films like “Singin’ in the Rain” and Jacques Demy’s “The Umbrellas of Cherbourg” and is a story of artistic desire.

It helps to serve as a reminder that love only exists in fiction and that dreams are still capable of being magical, giving us a window through which to view enchantment in the world around us.

Trailer For “La La Land”

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is La La Land So Great?

A Cinematic Masterpiece About Love, Ambition, and Pursuing Your Dreams is “La La Land.” Although the character development and cinematography are superb, the instrumental music and songs are what make this movie shine. They are captivating and lovely.

Is La La Land a Tragic Film?

For those who do care about Mia and Seb’s relationship, La La Land’s conclusion is painful. You want them to succeed in the movie—to be together and realize their dreams—so finding out it wasn’t feasible is a heartbreaking moment.

Why is La La Land a Contentious Topic?

Notably, La La Land received criticism for having no LGBT characters even though there are many gay residents of Los Angeles.

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