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Is Kid Cannabis on Netflix? Where Can I See It on the Internet?

Kid Cannabis is a comedy-drama and biographical film that was released in the United States of America in 2014. It is based on the true story of a young guy named Nate Norman, who dropped out of high school to construct a multimillion-dollar marijuana ring by trafficking drugs with his companions through the woods across the international boundary between the United States of America and Canada.

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Title Kid Cannabis
Directed by John Stockwell
Screenplay by John Stockwell
Produced by Gordon Bijelonic

Corey Large

Michael Becker

Cinematography Peter Holland
Release date March 16, 2014ย 
Music by Irv Johnson
Original language English
Countries United States

Is Kid Cannabis on Netflix?

A young man who dropped out of high school and his buddies decide to try smuggling large quantities of marijuana into Canada, but the consequences are much more severe than they had anticipated.

He has never before had a target in his life, but now he does. Unfortunately, committing several felonies will be required to get there. According to What’s on Netflix, Kid Cannabis is not one of the titles that can be found there.

Is Kid Cannabis on Netflix Where Can I See It on the Internet

Where Can I See Kid Cannabis on the Internet?

Pluto TV, Tubi, Peacock, The Roku Channel, Red Box, Amazon Prime Video, Vudu, and Apple TV are the streaming platforms where Kid Cannabis is now available.

Review For “Kid Cannabis”

The true story of Nate Norman, an obese high school dropout and pizza delivery man who built a multimillion-dollar business smuggling marijuana from Canada to his native Idaho before getting caught and receiving a 12-year prison sentence, is told in Kid Cannabis, a would-be Scarface for young stoners.

Based on a 2005 Rolling Stone article describing the bizarre story, John Stockwell’s (Blue Crush, Into the Blue) film has its entertaining moments and features strong supporting work from actors like Ron Perlman and John C. McGinley, but it never quite manages to manage its awkward tonal shift from dark comedy to true-crime thriller.

a humorous Jonathan Daniel Brown plays the ambitious Norman, a self-described loser who yet showed remarkable skill in rising to the position of a drug lord, specializing in his preferred recreational drug.

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He suddenly finds himself making a million dollars a week after teaming up with his best friend Topher (Kenny Wormald, Footloose), and hiring a gang of marijuana users. His mother is shocked by his sudden wealth, but he reassures her by telling her that he made it big on an IPO.

One of the shady figures he associates with is a pot grower (McGinley), who proudly displays the premium marijuana he’s developed after years of cultivation; another is a stealthily menacing businessman (Pearlman), whose chain of cell phone stores serves as a cover for his illegal activities; and a third is a brazen young rival (Aaron Yoo) for the increasingly lucrative illegal activity.

Is Kid Cannabis on Netflix Where Can I See It on the Internet

The movie starts strong with a lot of funny moments, like when a Canadian highway patrolman tells Norman during a traffic stop where to go for the best marijuana, but it quickly degenerates into all-too-familiar territory as the nerdy drug smuggler and his buddies set the stage for their eventual downfall with excessive debauched partying and cocaine use.

The director-screenwriter Stockwell exhibits a similar overindulgence in these repetitious scenes as the gang’s nubile female playthings are constantly shown either nude or in various states of undress, evidently influenced by the likes of Brian De Palma and Martin Scorsese.

The lead character’s constant voiceover commentary, which is more cliche-ridden than insightful, is equally tiresome. The overly schematic movie ends with several title cards telling us what happened to its main protagonists, just like so many other comparable cinematic true-life stories. Unfortunately, by that time, we have stopped caring.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the Real Story Behind Kid Cannabis?

Kid Cannabis is a biographical comedy-drama film released in 2014. Nate Norman, a high school dropout, formed a multimillion-dollar marijuana ring with his friends by trafficking cannabis across the US-Canada border.

Where Was Kid Cannabis Filmed?

A group of teenagers and 20-somethings, led by a local of Coeur d’Alene named Nate Norman, were captured smuggling marijuana across the Canadian border in Idaho in the early 2000s. These incidents served as the inspiration for director John Stockwell’s movie.

What Happened to Kid Cannabis’ Topher?

He was shot and died in Hayden, Idaho, early Sunday, Feb. 24, 2019. Michael “Topher” Clark, who was famous in the early 2000s for his role in a Canadian marijuana smuggling network that inspired “Kid Cannabis,” was shot and killed in Hayden on Sunday.

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