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Is Joshua Taylor Bassett Gay? Do you Know Bassett Experienced Sexual Abuse?

Joshua Taylor Bassett, professionally known as Joshua Bassett, is an American actor, songwriter, and singer. He is a well-known personality, renowned for his role as Ricky Bowen in High School Musical: The Musical: The series.

The actor has released a statement about being baptized by an anti-gay mega-church, despite claiming to be part of the LGBT community.

In this article, you will find information regarding sexuality following a recent interview. In addition, you will get to know about his current relationship status. Keep reading this article till the end.

Who Is Joshua Taylor Bassett?

Joshua is an American celebrity who was born in Oceanside, California. His parents are named Taylor and Laura. He has five siblings except him, all are sisters and were home-schooled.ย 

At the age of eight, he was first introduced to musical theatre. He starred in the series High School Musical: The Musical when he was a part of the community theatre production of high school Musical on Stage!

Since then, Joshua has starred in 30+ musical productions. To start his acting career, he shifted to Los Angeles and lived in a car for some time.

Is Joshua Taylor Bassett Gay?

Joshua Bassett has opened up to his fans about loving who he loves following severe sexuality rumors on social media. According to people, everything he does today โ€œaligns with what I needed when I was 10.โ€

Even though he hadn’t intended to come out at the time, he is an openly gay man who is proud of his identity.

Last May, in a video interview with Clevver News, Bassett described Harry Styles as “hot,” which raised questions about his sexuality. Shortly afterward, the singer-actor clarified the situation in an interview with GQ, saying, “I’m happy to be a part of the LGBTQ+ community.”

Is Joshua Taylor Bassett Gay

Nearly a year later, Bassett reflected on his coming out, telling People, “They kept asking me questions about Harry Styles, and I was like โ€œThis is pretty much my coming out video.โ€ He cleared that it was not a joke, โ€œI wasn’t intending on saying that, but I also wasn’t kidding.”

Now more than ever, Bassett feels empowered. He declared, “I feel so much more liberated. It made me realize how foolish it is to hide who you are to appease a small group of people. At what cost do you bury your heart and soul?”

Although Bassett may feel like a burden has been lifted, he is not yet prepared to share his emotions and said, “Dating is not on my radar.โ€ He exaggerated it and said, โ€œI’m working on myself so much, and in the place I’m in right now, I really only have energy for myself.”

What Joshua Bassett Issued a Statement After Getting Baptized by an Anti-Gay Mega-Church?

The 22-year-old actor responded to fan inquiries via social media and his Twitter accounts.

He revealed that he was not aware of the rules of the church, “I visited this church and happened to get baptized here- I was unaware of some of their policies and beliefs, and do not endorse all of them,” he continued and declared, “My heart is for Christ and Christ alone!”ย 

However, the post caused alarm among followers, who wondered why Joshua hadn’t done more study before deciding to get baptized at the church, according to reports.

Conversion therapy is a discredited method that uses various techniques, such as shock treatment, in order to “cure” someone of their sexual orientation or gender identity.

Both the World Health Organisation and the United Nations have criticized the use of conversion therapy.

Is Joshua Taylor Bassett Gay

Following Joshua’s release of a brief clip from a recent service at Bethel Church in Redding, California, where he is seen on stage with a leader who wants to know about his desire to get baptized.

He said in this video clip,

“Long story short, I grew up Christian and I ran the other way, as far as I could go in pursuit of truth, and that only ended in addiction, depression, suicidal ideation, eating disorders, etc.“He concluded as the congregation broke into cheers and applause, โ€œAnd no other teacher gave me anywhere near the peace that Jesus Christ did.”ย “Jesus Christ is the only way. His death and resurrection are historically documented. Turn away from hate, seek forgiveness, and come home to Him,โ€ he tweeted on January 5.

During an interview with Rolling Stone, Joshua shared his spiritual journey and revealed, โ€œ A few months ago I asked God to ‘send me a sign when I write the truth.

‘ I typed ‘Jesus is the way,’ nothing happened, then I added, ‘Jesus is the *only* way’ and the light turned on in my living room,” he continued, “I have also first-hand encountered Jesus twice.

The experiences were richer and more vivid than anything in my entire life.โ€ He shared and wrapped up, โ€œ For those concerned about me be sure of this: I am better than I have ever been. The peace I feel is far beyond what I thought possible.โ€

Do you Know Bassett Experienced Sexual Abuse?

Bassett revealed himself as a member of the LGBTQ+ community on May 10, 2021, in an interview.

Moreover, in January 2021, Bassett was hospitalized due to serious illness, a septic shock, and heart failure. He disclosed that the doctors told him that I had a 30% chance of survival. In addition, if he had not checked into the hospital within 12 hours then he would have been found dead.

In December 2021, Bassett shared his worst experience of life as he was sexually abused when he was a child and teen.


To conclude, Bassett is a part of the LGBTQ+ community. To add on, he faced sexual abuse in his childhood and teenage.

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