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Is Interstellar Available on Netflix? Did Interstellar Succeed or Fail?

Interstellar is a must-see if you enjoy science fiction films. The story centers on a team of researchers who are dispatched through a wormhole to locate a new planet for humans.

The film chronicles their adventure as they visit various worlds and come across several obstacles. You’ll be on the edge of your seat the entire time because it is action-packed and suspenseful.

The director of previous notable movies like Inception and The Dark Knight trilogy, Christopher Nolan, also created Interstellar. Michael Caine, Anne Hathaway, Jessica Chastain, and Matthew McConaughey are just a few of the well-known actors in the cast.

You can tell this movie is going to be good since it has such a talented cast on screen and behind the scenes. But you’re looking for a place to watch Interstellar, which is why you’re reading this page.

Is Interstellar on Netflix?

Yes, Interstellar is available on Netflix but No major streaming services like Netflix, Disney+, or Amazon Prime Video are currently offering free access to Interstellar. If you live in the United States and have an Amazon subscription, you may view it on Paramount Plus.

Additionally, it is available to rent for a modest cost on Apple TV+ and Amazon. Both directly through Sky and through the NOW TV app are options for watching it in the UK on Sky Cinema.

In addition, it is available for purchase or rental on Apple TV+ and Amazon.com. You can stream Interstellar in Australia on four different services, but you’ll need a Binge, Paramount +, Foxtel Now, or Stan membership to do so.

Sadly, Interstellar isn’t available in Canada on any subscription-based streaming services. As an alternative, you’ll have to rent it through Apple TV+, Google Play, or Amazon Instant Video.

A Quick Fact for ‘Interstellar’

Title Interstellar
First Release October 26, 2014
Distributed by Paramount Pictures (North America) and Warner Bros. Pictures (International)
Written by Jonathan Nolan and Christopher Nolan
Produced by Emma Thomas, Christopher Nolan, and Lynda Obst
Directed by Christopher Nolan
Budget $165 million
Running Timeย  169 minutes

Review for Interstellar

The space epic by Christopher Nolan is a grandiose proclamation of scope that paradoxically exudes ambition and hubris. Fans of Nolan’s best works will yearn for more narrative rigor, but the movie’s enormous gravitational pull ensures astronomical box office returns.

I was largely delighted, frequently amazed, and occasionally appalled as a devoted Nolanoid. What comes next is a disorienting mash-up of The Haunting, Slaughterhouse-Five, Silent Running, Event Horizon, and the director’s edit of Aliens with the inverted time shifts of Inception added for extra emotional depth.

In a nod to producer George Pal’s 1950s adaptation of the Depression-era book When Worlds Collide, author Edwin Balmer and author Philip Wylie’s 1933 novel, NASA constructs a “space ark” that will transport people to a new home in space, assuming Professor Brand can find a solution to the “problem of gravity” (Michael Caine).

Is Interstellar on Netflix? Did Interstellar Succeed or Fail?

Pilot-turned-farmer Cooper (Matthew McConaughey), a la Right Stuff, is prodded by ghostly powers to lead an exploration trip through a wormhole beyond the rings of Saturn, leaving his family behind in a quest for a future for all of humanity.

Despite all the Astro-maths explanations, love rather than time, space, or gravity serves as the unifying factor in both tales. The central theme of Robert Zemeckis’ 1997 epic, which featured a daughter calling out to a missing father, appears to still exist somewhere in the cosmos.

Interstellar is the creation of someone who dreams with their eyes wide open, despite the awkwardness of its dialogue and the absurdity of its premise.

Douglas Trumbull, a pioneering filmmaker, shares Nolan’s preference for a light register. Though it may have had a weaker conceptual foundation, Gravity made more sense than Interstellar and may have even pushed the limits of visual effects.

Frequently Asked Questions

Did Interstellar Succeed or Fail?

Despite having a $165 million production budget, Interstellar made $677.4 million globally, including $188 million in the US and Canada and $489.4 million in other nations.

Why is Interstellar Such a Great Film?

It featured several themes that made it ideal for having in-depth discussions.

Watching Interstellar Is It Worthwhile?

And it worked out for the best because Interstellar was hailed as Nolan’s masterpiece and one of the greatest science fiction movies ever filmed.

Does the Movie Interstellar End Happily?

The protagonist of the film survives thanks to his love for his daughter and is reunited with her older form as well as his partner in a largely joyful conclusion. The alleged original ending, though, was far grimmer and unresolved.

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