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Is Family Business on Netflix? On Family Business, is Sasha Duncan Really Dead?

You might be wondering if “Family Business” is available to stream on Netflix if you’re a fan of dramatic family situations and complex corporate situations.

This French comedy series follows a group of siblings as they attempt to transform their failing kosher butcher shop into a marijuana grow-op. The series is produced in France.

A fan favorite among viewers, “Family Business” features an abundance of comedic moments, romantic subplots, and contentious family dynamics. Now, let’s check to see if you can watch it online via Netflix streaming!

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Title Family Business
Created by Igor Gotesman
Genre Comedy
Composers Paul-Marie Barbier

Julien Grunberg

Release date 28 June 2019
Cinematography Julien Roux
Language French
Countries France

Is Family Business on Netflix?

Join us as we take you on a tour through “Family Business” on Netflix! The plot follows a struggling businessman and his family as they learn that France is getting ready to legalize marijuana. They make the hasty decision to convert the butcher business owned by their family into a marijuana café to capitalize on the impending legalization.

Is Family Business on Netflix? On Family Business, is Sasha Duncan Really Dead?

“Family Business” is the ideal option for individuals looking for something fresh and fascinating to watch because of its imaginative and distinctive premise. So gather your favorite folks, some popcorn, and a few munchies for a Netflix movie night that will be both enjoyable and amusing.

Review for Family Business

I should start by saying that the season finale did not disappoint. It neatly wrapped up the loose ends from the previous episodes and was both action-packed and poignant.

The idea Joseph and Olivier come up with to prevent the authorities from closing down their cannabis café opens the episode. They are working against the clock to get everything in order, raising the stakes and tensions even further.

The familial drama is the episode’s true heart, though. As the season has progressed, numerous conflicts’ effects have become more apparent. There are some tragic moments between Joseph and his wife as their relationship goes out of control.

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We witness some heartwarming interactions with Olivier’s son and daughter and their father as they continue to struggle with their problems.

A stressful, high-stakes meeting with the authorities serves as the finale’s climax. No spoilers here, but I will say that it’s a good way to round up the season.

I liked this season of Family Business overall, and the final episode was a terrific way to end it. The combination of family drama, humor, and cannabis culture in this program feels new and original. I strongly suggest giving it a watch on Netflix if you haven’t already.

Is Family Business on Netflix? On Family Business, is Sasha Duncan Really Dead?

On Family Business, is Sasha Duncan Dead?

A fictional character in The Family Business is named Sasha Duncan. KJ Smith is the actor who portrays the role. She is L.C. Duncan’s niece. She also collaborates with her family as a previously hired hitwoman. Each audience’s favorite is Sasha.

She demonstrated her exceptional acting talent in The Family Business. In the show, Sasha is still alive. She’s anticipated to appear in the upcoming season. The series’ fourth season has just been made available. Sasha being present during this season is anticipated by the audience. Sasha Duncan has consistently been a pivotal figure in the show.

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Trailer For “Family Business”

Frequently Asked Questions

On the Family Business, What Happened to Uncle Lou?

When the news that London is in labor arrives, the Duncans are getting ready to leave for their getaway in the Hamptons. Orlando describes HEAT, the medicine he invented, as the family eagerly awaits the arrival of a new member. Uncle Lou passed on.

Did Uncle Lou Get Divorced?

In the third-season episode “The Pen,” his wife Stella can be seen, but by the seventh season, he is either widowed or divorced.

What Happened to the Family Business?

For logical reasons, Aure isn’t overly excited about the prospect of him being her blood relative. However, Clem overdoes the celebrations by saying “Molotov” instead of “Mazel Tov,” smashing a genuine Molotov on the boat’s deck, and setting it on fire.

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