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Is Devious Maids on Netflix? Where Can I Watch It on the Internet?

The series was ultimately taken up by Lifetime to run on their network rather than ABC, which was the original plan for it. The first season of the sitcom received favorable reviews from most television critics.

Lifetime’s decision to cancel Devious Maids after four seasons was made public in September 2016, ending the show on an unresolved cliffhanger.

It was finally decided that Devious Maids would not be extended since the cast’s contract with the production company had expired, even though many fans had initiated online petitions to get the program to continue showing on another network or streaming service.

Take a Look at This Handy โ€œDevious Maidsโ€ Fact Sheet

Title Devious Maids
Genre Comedy Drama


Soap opera

Created by Marc Cherry
Produced by Justin Lillehei (assoc.)

Brian Tanen

David Warren

Cinematography Oliver Bokelberg
Release date June 23, 2013 โ€“ August 8, 2016
Running time 43 minutes
Original language English
Countries United States

Is Devious Maids on Netflix?

The plot of the series revolves around five characters: four Latina maids who work in the homes of Beverly Hills’ wealthiest and most powerful families.

As well as a newcomer who made it personal after a maid was murdered and became determined to discover the truth behind her death, and in the process became an ally in the lives of the maids.

We regret to inform you that the series Devious Maids is not now streamable on Netflix.

Is Devious Maids on Netflix? Where Can I Watch It on the Internet?

Where Can I Watch Devious Maids on the Internet?

In the show “Devious Maids,” murder and mayhem take place in the mansions of Beverly Hills’ most prominent and wealthy families.

Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV, and Vudu are the various streaming platforms that users can use to watch “Devious Maids.”

Reviews โ€œDevious Maidsโ€

It’s interesting how much “Devious Maids,” from “Desperate Housewives” producer Marc Cherry and one of its actors, Eva Longoria, mirrors their previous collaboration, for the most part for the better and the worse. For the time being, stereotypes and socioeconomic worries may be set aside.

The soapy series, which was inspired by a strange death, centers on a group of women who are struggling to make ends meet. However, unlike traditional bonding activities like cards or coffee, their friendship develops while they are gossiping about their wealthy employers during breaks.

The program, which has a fantastic ensemble and was deftly put together, has “hit” written all over it, especially since Lifetime is a specialist channel as opposed to ABC, which has more general expectations.

The show is an adaptation of the Spanish-language series “Ellas son… la alegria del hogar,” and several cultural differences between the U.S. version and that one are rather obvious. Despite all the rhetoric about the One Percent, Americans rarely take the nation’s caste system or class discrepancy into account or view it in the same manner as many of their neighbors to the South of the Border do.

There’s simply no escaping the wince-inducing qualities of sexy Latin maids, especially with five glitzy actresses placed in those roles and splashed across billboards in slinky black costumes. Hispanic groups complaining about the premise sight unseen aren’t wholly off base in their criticisms, even as the series reserves its harshest views and most exaggerated caricatures for their Beverly Hills bosses.

But once you get past the title, “Maids” behaves just like a typical primetime soap. Furthermore, the Latina-dominated cast and telenovela-like plots should greatly improve the show’s commercial prospects by serving as a major draw for the rapidly expanding (and younger-skewing) Hispanic audience, which is already familiar with the extravagant qualities of serialized fare on Univision or Telemundo. Plans for a bilingual debut only emphasize the marketing plan.

Is Devious Maids on Netflix? Where Can I Watch It on the Internet?

Cherry also knows how to set up a hook. In the pre-credits scene, a maid is murdered, introducing us to a few of the characters, starting with Marisol (played by Ana Ortiz of “Ugly Betty”), who accepts a job in a nearby house and appears deeply interested in the murder. She begins the process of making friends with her peers in her search for information, each of whom has their own set of problems.

Among them is Zoila, played by Judy Reyes on Scrubs, whose daughter, Edy Ganem, has a crush on the wealthy college student who lives in the house where they both work. Zoila’s love-struck child is told by her that wealthy males never fall in love with help.

Then there are Carmen (Rosalyn Sanchez) and Rosie (Dania Ramirez), who work for two egotistical actors (Mariana Klaveno from “True Blood” and Grant Show) and take care of their child while missing their own. Carmen (Rosalyn Sanchez) is desperate to use her job as a music star to launch her singing career.

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The choice for the boss is just as strong, with Susan Lucci from daytime dramas being cast as the lewd grandmother of the estate where Zoila works. This was an especially brilliant move.

Even though Cherry is essentially going back to his last big hit, he does so at a time when soap operas are swarming the airwaves in the height of summer (VH1’s “Hit the Floor,” ABC’s “Mistresses,” and OWN’s dreadful “The Haves and the Have Nots”), filling the perceived void left by the demise of the daytime drama. At a time when Lifetime is already feeling like it has some momentum with shows like “The Client List,” “Maids” seems to be in a better position than most in that regard.

Regarding fake notes, the program has harmed itself in one way: The lavish houses of Beverly Hills can be accurately reconstructed by filming in Georgia, but the exteriors cannot, making most of the action essentially housebound. Although it’s a minor criticism, it felt noticeable in the first two episodes and could grow more obvious in subsequent ones.

However, for a new TV show, time and the possibility of a long run are pleasant issues to consider. And if the first pass is any indicator, it’s the only joyful headache that these unhappily mischievous “Maids” seem destined to face.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Was the Show Devious Maids Good?

Devious Maids strives for flashy escapist pleasure and sometimes succeeds. The fun first season of Devious Maids. Devious Maids is a terrific series, not just because its main characters are Latinas and the actresses are great.

Are Devious Maids and Desperate Housewives Comparable?

Throughout its five seasons, Devious Maids emphasizes the aspect of mystery while addressing classism-related issues. Themes from Devious Maids are echoed in Desperate Housewives, which emphasizes money and scandal in equal measure.

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