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Is Dark Waters on Netflix? Here’s what you need to know!

If you enjoy watching courtroom dramas or documentary films about the environment, you might be curious about whether or not the movie “Dark Waters” can be seen on Netflix.

This article will give you all the information you need to know about whether or not “Dark Waters” is available on Netflix, in addition to providing some background information about the film itself and its applicability in the modern world.

Check Out This Handy “Dark Waters” Fact Sheet

Title Dark Waters
Directed by Todd Haynes
Screenplay by Mario Correa

Matthew Michael Carnahan

Cinematography Edward Lachman
Music by  Marcelo Zarvos
Release date November 12, 2019 (Walter Reade Theater)

November 22, 2019 (United States)

Language English
Country United States

Is Dark Waters on Netflix?

The answer is yes“Dark Waters” is available for streaming on Netflix. You are welcome to begin streaming it at this very moment, and you won’t even have to leave the comfort of your own home to take part in this thrilling procedural drama.

After being abroad for three years, a fisherman finally returns to his hometown, only to discover that the woman he loves has been estranged from him, that the sailors are at odds with one another, and that his community is falling apart.

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The True Story of “Dark Waters”

The movie “Dark Waters” is based on the true story of Robert Bilott’s legal battle against DuPont, which took place in the 1970s. Bilott’s transformation from a fervent campaigner for environmental justice to a corporate defense attorney is depicted in the film as Bilott makes this trip.

The movie depicts the destructive consequences that hazardous chemicals have on human health as well as the environment, as well as the lengths that businesses will go to cover up their wrongdoing.

Trailer For “Dark Waters”

Why “Dark Waters” is a Must-Watch Movie?

The film “Dark Waters” isn’t merely a courtroom drama or a thriller; rather, it’s an impactful and thought-provoking piece of work that sheds light on an essential topic.

The video emphasizes the significance of environmental justice, as well as the repercussions of the corrupt, practices of corporations and the greed that drives them. It is also a demonstration of the power of tenacity and the influence that a single person can have on society.’

Review For “Dark Waters”

Robert Billott portrays Mark Ruffalo, an attorney at Taft Stettinius & Hollister in Cincinnati, Ohio, a firm that works with significant businesses like DuPont, one of the most potent chemical producers in the world. He assists Wilbur Tennant, a meek cow farmer from Parkersburg, West Virginia, who is sickening and dying as a result of DuPont’s tainted water supply.

Ruffalo portrays Billott convincingly as a kind of human Droopy the Dog, a cartoon figure that defeats flashier, more erratic foes. The actor’s turtle-in-a-shell body language further underlines how outmatched this clever, moral man is while attempting to show that DuPont has been discharging poisonous waste into West Virginia soil in terms of finances, politics, and even science.

Todd Haynes (“Carol,” “Mildred Pierce”) embraces that tradition and conveys to viewers what a drawn-out, tiresome, and emotionally demanding process this can be. In the film Dark Waters, the effects of toxic chemical contamination on people’s bodies, the environment, and the political system are all explored.

It serves a lessened public service by exposing the flaws in the system, and it is reminiscent of paranoid thrillers from the 1970s like “The Parallax View” and “Chinatown.” The film’s director exhorts viewers to pursue justice because it is the proper thing to do, even if the bad people have already triumphed.

Is Dark Waters on Netflix Here's what you need to know!

Co-producer Ruffalo directed the New York Times Magazine piece Dark Waters, which was written by Mario Correa and Matthew Michael Carnahan. It focuses on Billott’s relationship with his devoted but exhausted wife Sarah, who is battling birth problems brought on by DuPont. Sarah is portrayed by Anne Hathaway.

The film is well-written and entertaining, but it also captures the current desperation over corruption in the US and around the globe. Even the best instances of this type of picture tend to suffer from its formulaic nature. The combination of narratively significant camera movements and undeniable acting prowess characterizes Haynes’ filmmaking style.

The movie is a component of the HCU and the narrative does a fantastic job of demonstrating the hero putting in the necessary effort to reach a breakthrough (Haynes Cinematic Universe).

It is reminiscent of Haynes’ self-aware historical dramas “Mildred Pierce” and “Far From Heaven,” which look at how societal conventions let the current quo survive. The most entertaining scene features Ruffalo as an idealistic Everyman a la Jimmy Stewart or Tom Hanks, screaming against the problems of the world while also taking the time to explain how they came to be.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Stars in “Dark Waters”?

Mark Ruffalo plays Robert Bilott, Anne Hathaway plays his wife Sarah, and Tim Robbins plays Bilott’s boss Tom Terp in the movie “Dark Waters.”

What Message Do Dark Waters Convey to Us?

Now that we are aware of what our reality is and has historically been, we must jointly decide how to proceed. As demonstrated by Dark Waters, we must hold businesses responsible for their negligence. Knowing that we are not alone gives us comfort. God won’t overlook even one individual.

Is Dark Waters a Worthwhile Film?

With all of this, Dark Waters is a must-see example of a classic American tragedy that brims with sadness yet never gives up hope. It’s time to STREAM IT. Dark Waters may not appear to be anything special at first glance, but it truly is. It’s the best factual-historical drama there is.

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