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Is Breakthrough Available on Netflix? If Not, What Sites Offer It for Streaming?

Breakthrough, a biography-drama film from Fox 2000 Pictures, stars Marcel Ruiz, Topher Grace, and Sarah Constable. The Roxann Dawson-directed film achieved box office success, earning $40,713,082 in the United States and Canada and $50,444,358 internationally on a $14,000,000 budget.

Families give people stability and comfort while still preserving their individuality. Breakthrough challenges the notion that families are linked by biological ties and seeks to offer an alternative view of relationships based on unwavering love and concern.

The movie’s characters portray a wide range of religious and acceptance-related expressions. The narrative treads different paths and poses the dilemma of whether or not one can accept what is offered to them despite not fully comprehending the situation.

Here Are Some Quick Facts About โ€œBreakthroughโ€

Title Breakthrough
Directed by Roxann Dawson
Written by Grant Nieporte
Produced by DeVon Franklin
Cinematography Zoran Popovic
Original Release Date March 20, 2019 (St. Louis)

April 17, 2019 (United States)

Running Time 116 minutes
Music by Marcelo Zarvos
Country of Origin United States

Is Breakthrough Available on Netflix?

Netflix does not offer a streaming version of Breakthrough. Despite having a sizable library, Netflix is unable to access many films. However, you can watch Breakthrough on several other streaming services.

The movie might be accessible via an OTT app, but it might not be available for streaming in your area.

What Sites Offer Breakthroughs for Streaming?

In the United States, you can watch Breakthrough streaming on FuboTV as well as DIRECTV. Nevertheless, if you want to continue using Netflix, you may watch other movies that are similar to Breakthrough, such as Five Feet Apart (2019), The Last Summer (2019), The Lucky One (2012), and Endless Love (2014).


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Review for “Breakthrough”

Based on a true story, “Breakthrough” The evangelical side of faith and religion is strongly emphasized in the film. Such stories of supposed faith healing leave little space for skepticism.

She initially expresses judgment against things she dislikes, such as John Noble (Topher Grace), the new pastor of her church, as well as his hairstyle and the music he chooses for services (someone raps during a song of praise!).

A small character arc for Joyce is attempted in the film. However, the fact that the story was even published is already a spoiler. Even though there isn’t much room for skepticism in these instances of purported healing via faith, it doesn’t leave much room for the painful fact that the majority of comparable stories don’t have a “miraculous” conclusion.

Is Breakthrough Available on Netflix? If Not, What Sites Offer It for Streaming?

“Breakthrough” is less of a narrative than it is a sermon delivered only to the choir. Anyone who finds Joyce’s faith to be too expansive will receive harsh comments.

Does Breakthrough Have a True Story Behind It?

Yes, the story is based on actual events that happened to John Smith. John and his friends were having fun on the ice of Lake St. Louise on January 19, 2015. When the ice ultimately cracked, John was trapped behind it and submerged in the lake bottom while the other two boys were saved.

Before being brought up by rescuers, John spent fifteen minutes underwater. When he arrived at St. Joseph Hospital West, physicians were prepared to declare him dead after 43 minutes of unsuccessful CPR.

Then Joyce, John’s adoptive mother, loudly prayed to the Holy Spirit, “Holy Spirit, please come and give me back my son,” as she burst into the hospital room.


Frequently Asked Questions

The Boy From “Breakthrough” Lived or Died?

Smith spent 55 minutes without a heartbeat before being taken to the hospital. After witnessing her son’s body in the hospital room, his mother prayed aloud. Then miracles happen. After 16 days, John recovered and was released from the hospital.

Is Breakthrough’s John Adopted?

The faith-based movie “Breakthrough,” from the 20th Century, stars John Smith, an adopted child from Guatemala who is a living, breathing, walking miracle. On April 17, his astounding true story will be brought to the big screen. When John broke through the ice in a Missouri lake, he was 14 years old.

What Happens in Breakthrough’s Climax?

The final paragraph describes the Smiths’ continued residence in Missouri and their cordial relationship with Pastor Jason. John intends to coach basketball in addition to pursuing a career in the ministry. Then, images of Jason and the actual Smith family are shown.

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