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Is “Bandit” Available on Netflix? Why You Should Watch?

You may have heard of the critically acclaimed crime drama series “Bandit” that airs on Turkish television. It should come as no surprise that a lot of people are curious about whether or not they can watch “Bandit” on Netflix given the amazing production quality, compelling characters, and gripping plot that the show features.

This page will give you the answer to that question as well as all the information you require on “Bandit” and its availability on Netflix.

Take a Look at This Handy “Bandit” Fact Sheet

Title Bandit
Directed by Allan Ungar
Written by Kraig Wenman
Cinematography Alex Chinnici
Edited by Michael Lane

Allan Ungar

Release date September 23, 2022
Language English
Country Canada

Is “Bandit” on Netflix?

There is a streaming version of “Bandit” that is not accessible on Netflix. The Flying Bandit, a 1996 real crime book by Robert Knuckle and Ed Arnold, served as the inspiration for a substantial portion of Kraig Wenman’s screenplay. Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, and Ruku are the several streaming platforms where you can watch them.

The movie’s North American distribution rights were purchased by Redbox Entertainment and Quiver Distribution, which on September 23, 2022, released it in theaters and on demand.

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Is “Bandit” Worth Watching?

The show “Bandit” is one that you should make time to see. Everyone who likes watching heist movies or TV series should check out this show because it has a compelling storyline, compelling characters, and great production value.

It has been hailed favorably by both media commentators and general audiences alike, and it has rapidly emerged as one of the most well-liked shows available in Spanish on Netflix.

Trailer For “Bandit”

Why You Should Watch “Bandit”?

Bandit is the ideal program for you if you’re looking for something that blends the excitement of a heist with interesting characters and high-stakes drama. The following are possible justifications for watching “Bandit” on Netflix:

Gripping storyline:

With its unexpected turns, the show’s plot will keep you on the edge of your seat. You’ll become engrossed in the story’s protagonists and their quest to pull off the heist.

Dynamic characters:

The ensemble cast of “Bandit” comprises characters who are beautifully written and have multiple dimensions, and you will find yourself rooting for them and caring about them.

High production value:

The production values of the program are of the highest caliber, with jaw-dropping sequences of heists, breathtaking photography, and immersive soundtrack.

Review For “Bandit”

One of those true-crime movies, Bandit gives you the idea that the filmmakers spent a little too much time hanging out with their subject, sitting in smokey pubs, and hearing tall tales about the good ol’ terrible days.

Although it is honest enough, the narrative about armed robber Gilbert Galvan, who committed nearly 60 robberies in three years targeting banks and jewelers while on a rampage across Canada in the 1980s, is completely cliched and indulgent. He was known as “the flying bandit” in newspapers.

Galvan is repeatedly shown in the movie to be a kind and courteous bank robber who never brandishes a weapon, rendering his crimes more or less victimless. It’s a glitzy, bygone film that blends sarcastic humor and light action.

As Galvan, a career criminal we first encounter escaping from a Michigan prison and fleeing north of the border, Josh Duhamel provides a portrayal that is all charm and no depth.

Is “Bandit” on Netflix Why You Should Watch

He adopts the name Robert Whiteman in Ottawa, enters the armed robbery profession, and is financially supported by a local hardman criminal (Mel Gibson, about as menacing as a fairy cake).

Galvan’s awkward first stick-up is acted out for laughs. At the conclusion, he asks the cashier, “How did I do?” And what a wonderful man bank robber he is emphasized a lot here along with his goofy wigs and comedic disguises.

You can almost hear the director telling the actors portraying the bank cashiers to “look afraid, but not too scared.” With its dubious reasons for Galvin’s life of crime, the movie is also on shaky ground.

We find that he had a difficult upbringing, and after meeting Andrea (Elisha Cuthbert), a trainee social worker, he continues to commit thefts to support his family. Although not particularly insightful, this movie does have Duhamel, who is usually a simple, likable watch.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Bandit a Worthwhile Film?

The true story of Gilbert Galvan Jr., aka the Flying Bandit, is the subject of the film Bandit. It is a humorous, enjoyable film that you won’t be able to put down. You can tell that Bandit will, at the very least, be a well-acted movie just by looking at the cast roster.

Is Bandit Based on a True Story?

The movie is based on Gilbert Galvan Jr.’s (also known as The Flying Bandit) real-life experiences. Gilbert Galvan Jr. still maintains the record for the most consecutive robberies in Canadian history.

When the Bandit Passed Away, How Old Was He?

Bandit has vanished. Burt Reynolds passed away early today at the age of 82. He was best known to automobile enthusiasts as the cheeky, manly, and mustachioed Trans Am owner who caused Jackie Gleason fits in the 1977 blockbuster movie Smokey and the Bandit.

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