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Is Aftersun Available on Netflix: A Guide to Streaming Alternatives!

Are you looking to watch a romantic comedy that will make you laugh and feel good on Netflix? If this is the case, you might have heard of the British film “Aftersun” and been curious about whether or not it can be viewed on the streaming service.

The good news is that we have some really exciting news for you! This article will discuss whether or not “Aftersun” is available to stream on Netflix, as well as provide some background information on the endearing film that has won over the affections of a large number of fans.

As we prepare to enter the world of “Aftersun,” be sure to grab some popcorn and get yourself geared up for a delightfully romantic comedy!

Check Out This Handy โ€œAftersunโ€ Fact Sheet

Title Aftersun
Directed by Charlotte Wells
Written by Charlotte Wells
Edited by Blair McClendon
Release date 21 May 2022 (Cannes)

21 October 2022 (United States)

18 November 2022 (United Kingdom)

Cinematography Gregory Oke
Language English
Country United Kingdom

United States

Is Aftersun on Netflix?

We appreciate your interest in the movie “Aftersun.” It’s wonderful to see that you’re motivated to learn where you can see it. Unfortunately, “Aftersun” is not yet accessible on Netflix. There are still many other streaming services and video-on-demand offerings where you can readily find the movie, so there’s no need to panic.

We put together this list of some of the most thrilling action movies because we know how it feels to see a great movie and then want more. We have something for everyone, from renowned oldies like “The Adam Project” to contemporary smashes like “Empire of Light.”

Is 'Aftersun' on Netflix A Guide to Streaming Alternatives!

Where to Watch Aftersun Online?

Other well-known streaming services like Amazon,ย  Apple TV, orย  RedBox are fantastic places to look. You might be able to locate “Aftersun” on these services because they frequently have a large selection of movies and TV shows available.

You may also buy or rent the movie from video-on-demand platforms like Google Play, iTunes, or YouTube. In this manner, you can view “Aftersun” whenever you want without a membership.

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Review For “Aftersun”

In her moving debut film, Charlotte Wells accompanies 11-year-old Calum (Paul Mescal) to a little resort in Turkey. Her daughter sleeps through the entire movie as Frankie Corio struggles to light a cigarette. The sequence is disconcerting, but its origin is unknown as Calum and Sophie enjoy their holiday.

Even though she lacks the words to express it, she is more intuitive than her father believes. The two events coincide, and Wells’ patience and empathetic direction, along with the film’s delicate rhythms and editorial decisions, provide a multi-level understanding rather than the conversation.

Calum considers leaving and establishing a company with “Keith.” His meditation and Tai Chi books advise short-term practice to lower stress. He’s concerned that Sophie dropped her dive mask. Aftersun is told by Sophie. Adult Sophie is thinking back on the trip and considering her father’s reaction.

Is 'Aftersun' on Netflix A Guide to Streaming Alternatives!

In Wells’ strange, dreamlike “rave” scenes, an older Sophie stands on a packed dance floor and watches her father dance under the flashing lights. They have a lot to say and Sophie finally understands him. Mescal and Frankie Corio’s chemistry in “Normal People” was fantastic. Despite being friendly, they have the potential to cause harm to one another.

Mescal, Corio, and Wells’ casting and performance talents are honored by this dynamic. The perspective is skewed due to Gregory Oke’s off-center framing. He uses a bright, cheerful, soft color. As the waves rise to a thunderous surf, Calum is frequently spotted in a doorway or mirror before vanishing into the night.

In the 2015 short film Tuesday, a college student ignores her mother’s protests and spends her evenings at her father’s house. She touches the items in her father’s vacant bedroom rather than spying on him. When the narrator, then 26 years old, saw their father holding me, I was 2 years old.

This child has telescopic spatial perception. Wells’ discussion about his life is admirable.

Trailer For “Aftersun”

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the “Aftersun” Cast?

Paul Mescal plays the father, Calum, in the film, while Frankie Corio, a rookie, plays his daughter, Sophie.

“Aftersun” is of What Genre?

In the romantic comedy Aftersun, the father-daughter bond and the humorous incidents that occur while they are on vacation are highlighted.

Is “Aftersun” Suitable for All Ages?

According to its R rating, Aftersun may include adult themes, language, and nudity. Children under the age of 17 should not use it without parental supervision.

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