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“Iron Man VR” studio teases PSVR2 project, gives away VR game

„Iron Man VR“-Studio teasert PSVR2-Projekt, verschenkt VR-Spiel

Image: Camouflaj

Iron Man VR was a good game that under outdated VR technology. This will no longer be the case for the next project.

The superhero game was commissioned by Sony and was the last major exclusive title for Playstation VR. It was released 2020 for Playstation VR and received a lot of acclaim from the press.

But by no means all testers were enthusiastic about Iron Man VR. The responsible studio Camouflaj had gotten a lot out of the Playstation VR, but lost the fight against the outdated technology, as MIXED colleague Ben found in his test for Iron Man VR.


aged PS4,

Ancient controller

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tracking system, which is not designed for free movement in space, showed the studio limits. Restrictions that would not have applied in the case of Playstation VR 2.

Studio founder teases PSVR2 game

Camoflaj could get a well-deserved second chance from Sony. This is indicated by the studio’s job advertisements and the recent message from studio manager Ryan Payton.

Payton writes on the game developer’s official website, that his studio is in the process of “strengthening long-standing partnerships” and after six years is “fully committed to VR”. “There’s exciting things on the horizon and we can’t wait to share more,” writes the studio founder.

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Since 2020 there was no more news from Camouflaj, but so far everything indicates that the studio is working on a VR game for Playstation VR 2, which will be released at launch next-gen goggles.

Camouflaj’s first VR game is now free (for Quest & PC-VR)

Camouflaj started as a smartphone developer and ported the first major game, the dystopian covert title République, later to other systems, including virtual reality. 2019 République VR was released for Meta Quest.

For the tenth anniversary of the title, the studio is giving away the VR game. If you want to play it, you can get it for free on the Oculus Store and Steam. For Playstation VR, République was released in March in a paid anniversary edition.

When Playstation VR 2 (all information) on the market comes is still a mystery. According to the latest blog post, Sony is in the middle of preparing for the launch. That sounds more like 2019 than 2023, but that is not confirmed.


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