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How Can I Get the Valtrace Contact Tracing App or Apk for Free?

Valtrace is a tool used in the Valenzuela district of Metro Manila in the Philippines to find people. At the moment, it is used to replace paper forms, which makes it more likely that you will come into contact with the virus.

Valtrace is a tracking service that uses QR codes to work within the city without having to talk to anyone. Anyone who wants to go to a place in the city must first sign up for the programme. Only then can they get into the place.

How to Download Application Valtrace Qr Code

The Valenzuela City Council passed the ValTrace Enforcement Ordinance, which is also known as Ordinance No. 783. Sets out the rules for giving fines and putting the application into action.

The app is a way for the government to use technology to stop the spread of the Noble Coronavirus, but the main goal for residents is still to stay alone.


The government is at the forefront of making forms and software that don’t need to be touched and making the most of technology.

For businesses listed in the ordinance, the user must download the Valtrace app, sign up for the system, scan a QR code, and send local information to the local government after being offline for at least 24 hours.

Registration Process

As was said above, everyone who lives in Valenzuela must be registered, no matter what their legal status is. Both people who live in Valtrace and people who don’t have to download the app and then sign up.

1) You can use the application through an online portal or by going to the Valtrace app and clicking on the “ValTrace app Registration” link. You will see choices like “Merchant Register” and “Merchant Login,” as well as “Citizen Register” and “Citizen Login.”

2) Move forward by choosing the right option. Once you’re done, the website will ask for your name, province, birth date, and phone number, among other things.

What is Its Purpose?

Valtrace is a programme that everyone who lives in or visits Valenzuela needs to have on their phones. When they enter a public or private space, they must scan the QR code on the application form.

This sends all of their personal information to the Valenzuela central Contact Tracing System at the Mega Contact Tracing centre so that people can be scanned more quickly.


If any of the people show signs, the app flashes, telling the person’s friends and family to stay alert and report any signs they see.

Valtrace application case neoprene Valenzuela is a cause-related programme that will be more effective at stopping the rapid spread of the virus and will be good for Valenzuela’s well-being.

How Can I Get the Valtrace Contact Tracing App or Apk for Free?

With the aid of contact tracing techniques, people can be kept secure and the Noble Corona Virus can be contained.

Everyone who has been in close touch with the infected person within the previous two months is informed of the infection. This will be done as soon as it is possible.

To help the nation, the application and registration procedures are entirely free. Beginning on September 12, the Valtrace programme will need all Valenzuela residents and non-residents to register and get their QR codes in order to access the service.

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When someone scans their QR code, the Central Contact Tracing system receives and retains their personal data. Those who violate the ordinance’s requirements could face legal action from the government.

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