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Henry Ruggs Net Worth 2022: How Much Does He Earn Annually? Controversies!

Henry Ruggs is a former wide receiver in American football who was becoming a star for the Raiders in 2020. Ruggs III was in a fiery accident that killed a woman in 2021.

He is being charged with multiple felonies, including driving recklessly and driving while drunk, and killing someone. Henry could go to prison for at least two years and up to 50 years if he is found guilty.

Early Years of Henry Ruggs

On January 24, 1999, in Montgomery, Alabama, the United States, Henry Ruggs III was born. Henry Ruggs Jr. and Makati Ruggs are his parents.

henry ruggs net worth 2022

He inherited his lightning speed and outstanding physical talent from his mother Nataki Ruggs, a former track champion who set the record for the 40-yard dash in 4.23 seconds. His younger brother, Kevontae Ruggs, also played collegiate football.

At Robert E. Lee High School in Montgomery, Henry completed his high school studies. The school gave him the scholarship to play football there due to his exceptional athleticism and skill on the field.

In order to play football for the University of Alabama, Henry accepted a scholarship to enroll there in 2017.

Private Life of Henry Ruggs

The closest friend of Henry Ruggs encouraged him to play football in high school. Scott tragically lost his life in an automobile accident at the age of 17. Ruggs, however, gives him a three-finger salute following each touchdown. It’s because Scoot has a court with the number 3 for basketball.

Kevontae Ruggs, Ruggs’ brother, played NCAA football for Ole Miss in 2018. He transferred to East Mississippi Community College in 2019.

As a partner, Henry Ruggs joined Three Square. 2020 April During the COVID-19 outbreak, a food bank in southern Nevada offered food to individuals in need. The mother of the daughter of the NFL athlete, who was born on May 7, 2020, is unknown.

The Career of Henry Ruggs

When he was in high school, Henry Ruggs began playing football. He caught the ball 38 times for 639 yards and 20 touchdowns in 9 games.

He was given the opportunity to play football for teams from more than 20 institutions thanks to his speed and outstanding high school performance; he chose the University of Alabama.

henry ruggs net worth 2022

He did a fantastic job with the football squad at Alabama. He recorded 24 touchdowns, which put him third all-time in Alabama history in that category.

Henry left the University of Alabama in 2020 and registered for the NFL draught. He was selected by the Los Vegas Raiders in the first round of the NFL draught due to his outstanding record. He faced the Carolina Panthers in his first game as a professional football player.

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Henry has a two-season scoring and receiving a total of 921 yards and 4 touchdowns with the Las Vegas Raiders. He was dismissed by the Las Vegas Raiders on November 2, 2021, after he was charged with reckless driving that resulted in a tragic collision.

Henry Ruggs’s Estimated Net Worth

It is estimated that Henry Rugg is worth $6 million according to caknowledge.com. As a wide receiver in American football, Henry makes a living. He receives attention since he plays for the Las Vegas Raiders, an NFL team.

With Raider, Henry agreed to a bonus agreement for $9,684,820 over the course of a 16 million dollar contract. They have given him a 4-year deal because of his exceptional skills.

Sources claim that starting in 2022, he will earn $16 million each year for the next four years. His organization pays him a salary, and he also receives commissions from collaborations and brand marketing.


Henry Rugg’s contract with the Las Vegas Raiders was terminated in November 2021 as a result of charges that he had been driving while intoxicated and killed Tina Tintor, who was 23 years old.

According to the Las Vegas Metro Police Department, on November 2, 2021, Tina Tintor and her dog perished when Henry Riggs’ Chevrolet Corvette rammed into her Toyota Rav4, causing it to catch fire. Henry Riggs also suffered injuries.

The investigation also showed that Henry Rugg III was driving at 156 mph and had blood alcohol levels that were over twice the legal limit at the time of the collision.

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Tina Tintor’s automobile was thrown 570 feet down the road by the impact of the collision before catching fire and engulfing her as bystanders struggled to free her.

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