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Half-Life 2 VR: Launch in September, great new trailer

Half-Life 2 VR: Launch im September, toller neuer Trailer

Image: The Source VR Mod Team

The years of waiting will soon be over End: Half-Life 2 VR is in the starting blocks and should be even better after the launch.

The mod team announces on the project’s website that Half-Life 2 VR will be released in September. The mod has been in a private beta test for months and will soon be launching a public beta.

“The mostly The positive feedback of the last few weeks has convinced us that the game in its current form can not only be played through completely from start to end but also a lot of fun, and we want to give you the opportunity to experience it for yourself,โ€ writes the mod team.

MIXED colleague Max also took part in the private beta test and found Half-Life 2 VR to be better than the original.

The team is waiting for Valve’s response

It is still unclear whether the project will receive the green light from Valve. Without a license, the team cannot release Half-Life 2 VR on Steam. This would make the installation more cumbersome, but would not further delay the release.

“We are still awaiting approval from the party Valve, and we don’t know how much longer that will be,” the mod team’s blog reads. If the approval does not come, the mod will be published outside of Steam.