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Good Girls Season 5 Release Date: Is Good Girls Season 5 Officially Canceled?

The criminal comedy-drama Good Girls, which aired on NBC, began airing on February 26, 2018, and it ended on July 22, 2021. The critically acclaimed sitcom had a devoted following for its entire five-season run but was regrettably canceled last year.

Following the release of its fourth season internationally, the show spent four weeks in the top ten global Netflix rankings. With 24,500,000 hours watched between March 6 and March 13 after being uploaded to Netflix US, it too rose into the top ten.

Despite not being one of NBC’s highest-rated shows, the sitcom was nonetheless able to maintain a sizable global fan base, in part because of Netflix. Good Girls was among the NBC shows that were anticipated to be canceled in the 2020–21 season.

Multiple sources claimed that after the release of Season 4, it appeared to be a done deal that the show would get a final, shorter Season 5, which would finish up the plot. The show’s intended conclusion may never be revealed to viewers because this did not turn out to be the case. It was revealed that the show would not be returning in June 2021.

The Cast of Good Girls Season 5

The following list represents the main cast

  • Elizabeth Boland, the leader of the moms-turned-criminals gang, is portrayed by Christina Hendricks. Her husband had an extramarital affair.
  • Elizabeth’s best friend Retta works as a waitress to make ends meet.
  • The mother and younger sister of Annie Mark Elizabeth will be portrayed by Mae Whitman.
  • Ruby’s officer husband Stanley is portrayed by Reno Wilson.
  • Christopher, a criminal who falls in love with Elizabeth, is portrayed by Manny Montana.
  • Lidya Jewett plays Sara, the daughter of Ruby and Stan.
  • Dean, Elizabeth’s husband, will be portrayed by Matthew Lillard in the movie.
  • Ben Marks, the child of Annie and Gregg who comes out as transgender, is portrayed by Isaiah Stannard. Before coming out, he went by the name Sadie.

The Release Date for Season 5 of Good Girls

According to amazfeed.com/, We regret having to inform you that Good Girls won’t be returning for a fifth season. Although it is not very great for the viewers, NBC decided not to renew Good Girls for a second season.

good girls season 5 release date
good girls season 5 release date

On Twitter, individuals are still arguing with the producers over the cancellation of the fifth season. Although we can see you folks punching the air, there isn’t really anything we can do.

The audience was persuaded by rumors that the cancellation was caused by strained ties between two co-stars. Whether they are true or not is unknown to us.

Good Girls Season 5 Renewal Status

An eight-episode final season 5 of the show was originally planned by the creators. Money, creative differences, and schedule difficulties, however, are what led to the decision not to renew the show, according to a report from TVLine.

Many sources believe that the renewal “hit a big hitch in mid-June when discussions with co-star Manny Montana struck a wall.”

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The relationship of cast members Christina Hendricks and Manny Montana also appeared to be having problems, but it was ultimately decided that there were too many other factors that made the program unsustainable.

Where Are Good Girls Available to Watch?

This program is available on NBC, Netflix, Amazon Prime, Vudu, and Hulu. The movie Good Girls is well-liked by women, particularly housewives.

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There is a possibility that you may enjoy the show because of its plot, characters, and a solid script. You should watch this program to see these women take control of their lives and enter the criminal underworld.


Each viewer assigns a rating to a program. The best indicator of a show’s future viability is typically its rating; the higher the rating, the better the show’s chances of surviving. Good Girls has an IMDb rating of 7.8 out of 10 and an 86% Rotten Tomatoes rating.


In the US, Good Girl is a favorite among many housewives. The three main protagonists are responsible for running their own lives and homes. Good Girls was the second-most watched program on the NBC network and have a sizable following on Netflix.

When you watch the series and the characters, it’s like watching your broke self with more criminality and humor. Some others said they thought the show was funny and that they really liked it. You will hear this from every fan who has seen or watched the show: “Good Girls is worth seeing.”

The Ending Of Good Girls Season 4

Good Girls’ fourth season finale left numerous narrative strands unresolved because there was still talk that the show will return for a fifth season at the time it concluded. At the conclusion of the fourth season, Beth Boland (Hendricks) is elected to the city council.

To get away from their illegal lives, Beth’s husband Dean (Matthew Lillard), sister Annie (Whitman), pals Ruby (Retta) and Stan (Reno Wilson), and Beth herself were all planning a trip to Nevada. However, Mick (Carlos Aviles) showed up at Beth’s house and shot her.

good girls season 5 release date
good girls season 5 release date

We find out in a flashback that Beth, Dean, Ruby, Stan, and Annie had actually relocated to Nevada. In contrast, Beth urges her partners to carry out yet another crime, during which she gets reshot, as she realizes that their new lives are just as tangled as their old ones.

Season three saw Lucy, a maker of counterfeit currency, killed with Mick’s weapon (Charlyne Yi). Beth discovers that everything in Nevada was a dream when she wakes up in Michigan. The shooting was staged, and she survived the bullet wound.

Beth is aware that her prints are on the gun, which could result in her being arrested. Ruby suggests that they all move to Nevada to leave their criminal pasts behind them, but Beth says she has no desire to do that.

Since Annie is aware that Beth is in grave danger, she confesses to the crime and accepts responsibility so that Beth is spared. Ruby and Stan must decide if they really want to relocate to Nevada in the meanwhile. Stan gives her a choice: stay with Beth and Annie or come with us, your genuine family.

The show’s epilogue shows Ruby leaving. Alternatively, will she depart? She might have been unpacking, for instance. The answer is unknown. When Beth and Rio, the money launderer she has been working for and dating for three seasons, sat on their park seat in the previous scene, things were different.

She has lived her entire life as a low-level criminal since he has always had the upper hand in their relationship. He replies, “You got it, boss,” when she finally says, “You now work for me.” Beth has more power than ever because to her position on the city council, and she is now finally able to commit serious crimes.

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