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Foundation Season 2 Release Date: Where Can You Watch this Series?

Foundation is a science fiction streaming television series created by David S. Goyer and Josh Friedman for Apple TV+ that is loosely based on Isaac Asimov’s Foundation series of stories.

Jared Harris, Lee Pace, Lou Llobell, and Leah Harvey lead the ensemble cast.

The premiere of Foundation took place on September 24, 2021. The series was renewed for a second season in October 2021, with a premiere date of mid-2023.

Foundation Season 2 Plot: What Will Happen?

The story of the Genetic Dynasty – the ruling clones (known as Cleons) Brother Day, Brother Dusk, and Brother Dawn – will undoubtedly return in the second season, especially after Brother Dawn (Cassian Bilton) was killed at the end of the season for being genetically different from the other clones.

It was later discovered that all three clones were distinct and had not shared genes with the original Cleon for centuries.

Foundation Season 2

Showrunner David S Goyer spoke with Newsweek about what this plot twist means for season two.

“Part of the fun of the show moving forward will be seeing how different the various Cleons are,” he said. “It’s part of the jazz that we’re playing with Terrence Mann, Cassian Bilton, and Lee Pace, because moving forward, even though they’re the same actors, some of the characters will be very, very different.”

“And so one of the things that’s exciting about this, this monkey wrench that’s thrown into the Genetic Empire, is what does that do when you introduce chaos into that system? What effect does that have? Because chaos is enjoyable.”

Foundation Season 2: Cast

Here’s who is returning for Foundation season two:

  • Jared Harris as Hari Seldon
  • Lee Pace as Brother Day
  • Lou Llobell as Gaal Dornick
  • Leah Harvey as Salvor Hardin
  • Laura Birn as Eto Demerzel
  • Terrence Mann as Brother Dusk
  • Cassian Bilton as Brother Dawn

Season two of Foundation will introduce new characters as well as new worlds. Apple has confirmed the casting of at least ten new characters, as well as the actors who will play them (see below for the full list).

Surprisingly, only four of the ten characters appear in the novels: Poly Verisof, The Warlord of Kalgan, Bel Riose, and Hober Mallow. The other six are entirely new creations.

  • Isabella Laughland as Brother Constant
  • Kulvinder Ghir as Poly Verisof
  • Sandra Yi Sencindiver as Enjoiner Rue
  • Ella-Rae Smith as Queen Sareth of Cloud Dominion
  • Dimitri Leonidas as Hober Mallow
  • Ben Daniels as Bel Riose
  • Holt McCallany as Warden Jaegger Fount
  • Mikael Persbrandt as The Warlord of Kalgan
  • Rachel House as Tellem Bond
  • Nimrat Kaur as Yanna Seldon

Foundation Season 2 Potential Release Date: When Will It Air?

Foundation will return for a second season of ten episodes in October 2021, it was announced.

Foundation Season 2

“We have been so excited to watch global audiences embrace the captivating, suspenseful, and breathtaking thrill ride that is Foundation,” said Matt Cherniss, head of programming for Apple TV+, as reported by Variety.

“We know how long fans of these beloved Asimov stories have waited to see his iconic work brought to life as a visually spectacular event series, and now we can’t wait to showcase even more of the richly layered world, compelling storytelling, and stunning world-building in season two.”

Showrunner David S Goyer also spoke with Variety about the series being renewed for season two, and from his comments, it appears that there is potential for more seasons after that.

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“I’ve always imagined how Hari Seldon and Eto Demerzel would look and sound – what Terminus and Trantor would feel like,” he said.

“Now, with season two, our audience will get to visit more of Asimov’s indelible characters and worlds, including Hober Mallow, General Bel Rosie, and all the Outer Suns. I’m thrilled that Asimov’s brilliant masterwork is being read by a whole new generation of fans.

We’re playing the long game with Foundation, and I’m grateful to my partners at Apple and Skydance for entrusting me with this epic.”

According to The Prague Reporter, the second season will begin filming in Prague in April 2022. Given that the season is still in production, we will most likely have to wait until early 2023 before seeing new episodes.

Foundation Season 2: How to Watch

Season 2 of Foundation will be available exclusively on Apple’s video streaming service, Apple TV+, which starts at $6.99 per month in the United States after a seven-day free trial.

Foundation Season 2: Trailer

So far, Apple has released one trailer for the second season of Foundation. It’s about two minutes long, with the first half mostly being a recap of season one. You can watch the trailer above.

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