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Five Bedrooms Season 5: Release Date, Cast, Plot, Will There Be a Season 5?

Letโ€™s talk about a unique series where we follow the lives of five people who decide to live in one house. The series first aired in 2019 and has four seasons as of June 2023. The series can be watched on the significant plus and Prime videos.

Below we will be talking about the different seasons and their summary, the prospect of the fifth season, what happened in the last season, and the ratings that Five Bedrooms have until now. So without wasting any time, continue reading this article until the end.

Will Season 5 of Five Bedrooms Be Canceled or Renewed?

Information about the fifth season of the hit Australian drama series Five Bedrooms has been eagerly sought by fans. Fans are wondering if the show will end after Season 4 with the announcement that it would return for a fourth season.

The show’s skilled cast and interesting stories have attracted a large audience. It follows five strangers who end up becoming friends and follows them as they overcome challenges in their personal and professional life. In the upcoming season, viewers want to see more of their favorite characters. The show has been praised for its realism and its wide range of characters.

Since the show’s popularity appears to be holding steady, fans may look forward to more exciting developments in the future season. There’s a good chance that Five Bedrooms will be picked up for a fifth season.

Five Bedrooms Season 5 Release Date

Five Bedrooms Season 5 Release Date

There has been no announcement regarding the show’s upcoming fifth season. For the time being, we only know that Five Bedrooms premiered for a fourth season on May 14, 2023. Since the thread is still going, we don’t know anything about Season 5’s whereabouts at this point. It’s possible that this is the series conclusion, or it might be setting up the following season.

Because of the lack of official comment from Paramount, we have no idea whether or not the series will be renewed. However, we may get the following season in a few years if there is enough demand. The fifth season is expected to premiere in 2025 when an announcement is made next year.

Bedrooms Season 5 Cast and Character

This show features some well-known and talented actors, including

Cast Character
Kat Stewart Liz Wendell
Stephen Peacocke Ben Chigwell
Doris Younane Heather Doyle
Roy Joseph Harry Sethi
Katie Robertson Ainsley Elling
Johnny Carr Kevin โ€˜Simmoโ€™ Fitzsimons
Kumud Merani Manju K. Sethi
Hugh Sheridan Lachlan Best
Alan Dukes Colin Doyle
Kate Jenkinson Melanie Best
Rodger Corser Stuart Wendell
Ingrid Torelli Mia Chigwell-Bourke
Ben Schumann Timmy Doyle
Bert LaBontรฉ Ed Laurent

Five Bedrooms Storyline

The show chronicles the lives of five friends who pool their resources in order to rent a home in Melbourne’s outer suburbs. They all deal with issues that make us laugh till our sides hurt, make us cry, and generally give us a wonderful time.

Liz, a divorced lawyer with emotional baggage, Ben, a failed business owner, and Heather, also recently divorced and committed to a no-nonsense approach to life, all have recently moved on from painful experiences. Ainsley is a teacher and a real estate agent who is looking for love. As a result, she has a tendency to choose the wrong partners and Harry strives for autonomy.

The five housemates strive to encourage one another when times are tough. We get to observe how they all come together to solve difficulties and support one another despite their varied origins. They get to know each other, adjust to unexpected plans, and support one another as they face challenges.

Five Bedrooms Season 5 Release Date

They each start looking at their own histories and current situations. Ben faces the repercussions of his actions, Ainsley’s love life remains rocky, Liz’s ex-husband returns to cause her difficulty, Harry comes to terms with his role as a father, and Heather gets embroiled in a court battle. As a result of all these issues coming together, we have some great binge-watching material for a Saturday night.

We watch as the characters develop and learn to deal with their issues throughout the season. The series’ worth stems from its excellent blending of friendship, connections, understanding, and empathy.

How many Episodes of Five Bedrooms Season 5 Will be There?

Fans of the Australian comedy series Five Bedrooms are likely to be overjoyed by the news that the show has been renewed for a fifth season. Season 5 of Five Bedrooms will feature an unknown amount of episodes, however, fans can probably guess between seven and eight based on previous seasons.

Five Bedrooms Season 5 Trailer

No trailer for Season 5 has been released as of yet. The fifth season, however, has not been announced, hence there is no trailer available. You can find Paramount’s spoilers and other promotional videos, as well as the trailer for the first four seasons, Here.

Where To Watch Five Bedrooms?

If you are looking forward to seeing Five Bedrooms, you will be happy to learn that the show is currently available to stream on the well-known website Peacock. Create an account with Peacock, and from that point on, youโ€™ll get instantaneous access to every show episode. At the moment, there are a total of two seasons of Five Bedrooms accessible to watch and enjoy on Peacock.

Five Bedrooms Series Ratings

IMDb score of 7.8/10, Facebook score of 5/5, and rating graph score of 8/10. The show is great because it combines realistic problems with humorous solutions. The series makes one reflect on their own existence and adopt a more relaxed attitude toward resolving their everyday issues.


If you’re going through a bad patch in life, you should definitely watch this series. It’s an excellent series to watch as a distraction from your problems. They show us how to persevere in the face of adversity and find solace in the company of loved ones at home.

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