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Eve Systems in the test: How good is the Smart Home with Thread?


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Eve Motion (motion and light sensor)

Eve Systems promises fast and secure smart home control without a cloud -connection. I’m testing five Thread products from the German company.

Build yours Smart Home on systems like Alexa or Google Home, you can access numerous smart gadgets. There are countless providers who let you integrate their WLAN, Bluetooth or ZigBee devices into Amazon’s and Google’s control centers. However, you usually have to live with the fact that your usage data migrates to the servers of manufacturers, Google or Amazon.

The German company Eve Systems therefore develops its products exclusively for use in closed spaces Ecosystem of Apple’s HomeKit. Data is processed locally on the devices. There is no cloud connection like Amazon and Google. In addition, Eve uses the fast and secure Thread wireless standard, which already makes the devices future-proof.

With the introduction of the IoT universal language Matter, the first uniform industry standard will come in the fall. Devices and systems from different manufacturers should then be able to communicate with each other securely and locally for the first time. This makes Eve devices interesting for non-Apple users for the first time. I have tested five Eve products and will show you whether the switch is worthwhile.

Eve Systems: Review in brief

The smart home devices from Eve Systems are extremely well made and attractively designed. Well thought-out functions, the fast and stable thread network as well as the high privacy standards and the future security with regard to Matter justify a comparatively high price. You can read more about this in the following test and the detailed conclusion at the end of the article.

Advantages Eve Smart Home System

  • little plastic in the packaging
  • very good processing of the devices
  • no additional hub needed
  • High level of privacy, no cloud connection required
  • Thread network is extremely fast, robust and relieves WLAN
  • Compatible with Matter

Disadvantages Eve Smart Home System

  • an iPhone is currently required for setup
  • so far only the Apple HomePod Mini and Apple TV 4k work as border routers
  • Individual devices comparatively expensive

Eve Systems: Packing and Assembly

Smart Home Gadgets are often delivered with so much plastic packaging that the yellow bin groans on its knees. What is noticeable when unpacking Eve devices is that the company largely relies on cardboard. Of course, the last little bags and protective foils have to disappear at some point, but compared to all the smart home products I’ve tested so far, Eve clearly scores plus points here.

Bei der Verpackung setzt Eve weitgehend auf Pappe. Nur einige wenige Plastikelemente sind noch vorhanden.

When it comes to packaging, Eve largely uses cardboard. Only a few plastic elements remain. | Image: Eve Systems / MIXED

The devices are excellently made and so much in advance: they all work cleanly and reliably. During the test, there were no disconnections, nor did one of the smart home helpers refuse to work.

The necessary installation material is included, instructions are available in multiple languages ​​in paper form and digitally in the Eve app. Adhesive strips for attachment to doors, windows or walls are stable and can be removed without leaving any residue.

Eve & HomeKit: Setup made easy

For the For the test, I integrated the smart socket Eve Energy, the smart weather station Eve Weather, the wireless contact sensor Eve Door & Window and the smart irrigation controller Eve Aqua into a thread network with two Apple HomePod Minis. The whole thing was set up via an iPhone with iOS 15.5.

As usual with HomeKit, you can easily set up new devices using the QR code scanner. | Picture: Apple / MIXED

Setting up is quick and easy. With the iPhone you scan a QR code attached to the device and HomeKit sets it up. The thread network builds itself up independently in the background and can be stretched over long distances via the individual devices. The communication between the devices always remained stable over several floors and into the garden. It is controlled via iPhone, HomePod Mini or Apple TV.

Eve app and voice control with Siri

The design of the Eve app is reduced and therefore clear. Only setting up automations is a bit cumbersome compared to Aqara or the Alexa routines, since I first have to create a timer in the automation menu and then assign it in the respective device menu. Otherwise all functions are exactly where you are looking for them.

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Voice control via Siri works properly, but sometimes there was a minimal delay compared to control on the iPhone. In contrast to Alexa and Co, however, Eve and HomeKit are less data-hungry. According to the manufacturers, no data is sent to an external cloud. Everything you do is processed locally on the devices.

Eve Door & Window: Window sensor with connector

window and door sensors consist of two parts that need to be close together when fitted to measure movement when opening or closing. For example, one part is attached to the door, the second is glued to the door frame at the same height.

The small sensor of Eve Door & Window can be increased with a clever plug connection. | Image: Eve Systems / MIXED

If the door is rather expansive, these sensors often fail because of their dimensions. The piece on the door frame no longer reaches its movable counterpart on the door. The Eve Door & Window sensor uses a clever plug-in system that allows the small sensor part to become higher by connecting several small plastic pads.

This means it can also reach overhanging doors his sensor buddy. Anyone who does not need the plug connections has a handful of plastic waste lying around in the drawer. Advantages and disadvantages are often close together.

Eve Weather: Compact weather station in iPhone design

Eve Weather is a compact, smart outdoor weather station with a design reminiscent of early iPhone models. On the small display you can see the temperature, humidity and a 10-hour weather trend that the device is based on the measured changes calculated from the air pressure. All readings are collected and can be accessed as detailed records via HomeKit and the Eve app.

The compact weather station Eve Weather calculates weather forecasts based on changes in air pressure. | Picture: Eve Systems

You can use this to see which week had the hottest temperatures of the year on your terrace. The small station cuts a good figure standing and on the wall and the display can still be seen even in direct sunlight. If you’re not within reach, just ask Apple’s voice assistant Siri.

Eve Energy: Smart socket with consumption meter

Smart adapter plugs require some space due to their design. So before you buy it, make sure you have it where you want to use it. The smart socket Eve Energy measures a compact 5.6 x 5.6 cm, but protrudes almost four centimeters from the wall socket. The counterpart from Aqara has similar dimensions. Other manufacturers such as Teckin save 1.5 centimeters in depth, but are significantly wider and higher.

The big advantage of Eve Energy is the comprehensive analysis of power consumption and your own economy thanks to Thread. In the Eve app you have an overview of the current and total consumption and can display the previous costs and have the estimated annual costs forecast.

Eve Motion: motion sensor for indoors and outdoors

The motion and light sensor Eve Motion is waterproof according to the IPX3 standard and can therefore also be used outdoors. He takes movement in a 120-degree field of view true up to nine meters away. It also measures the brightness in the area.

Eve & HomeKit : Fast, faster, thread?

The smart socket Eve Energy is incredibly fast. Thanks to Thread, she switches to her smartphone at the thought of a tap of her finger. There is also no noticeable delay between input and execution on the other tested Eve devices. Bluetooth connections cannot keep up and WLAN is also having a hard time. Only ZigBee is on a comparable level.

Thread’s benefits are obvious: It is more energy efficient than WiFi and, unlike ZigBee, does not require a bridge to create a mesh network. Only a border router in the form of an Apple HomePod Mini is required for communication. So you have to be in the Apple ecosystem to be able to use Eve – for now.

The Thread radio standard built into Eve devices will also play an important role in the upcoming Matter universal smart home language. Matter is the first uniform industry standard for networking smart home devices and ensures, among other things, secure connectivity of all supported devices, no matter which system you use. In the future, you can also control Eve devices with a thread-enabled Google Nest Hub 2.

You can read more about Matter in our interview with Eve CEO Jerome Gackel, our info guide on Matter and the overview of which devices will support Matter in the future.

Conclusion to Eve Systems in HomeKit

Eve Systems delivers excellently processed smart home devices with well thought-out functions. The detailed measurements and forecasts of electricity or water consumption are useful in view of rising energy costs.

The thread network runs fast, stable and without cloud connection.

If you want to protect your privacy in the smart home, you can’t get past Eve & HomeKit at the moment. The thread mesh network runs independently in the background and ensures latency-free control of all devices.

Eve can pay for the many advantages. Devices from the German manufacturer cost a little more. However, the surcharge compared to the competition is justified in terms of workmanship, performance and protection of privacy.

Eve You can buy Systems devices here

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