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Do You Know Stephen Gillen’s Net Worth?

Stephen Gillen is a former gangster from London, England. He indulged in many illegal and criminal activities. He was well-known in the criminal underworld for his involvement in extortion and organized crime, particularly the trafficking of illegal drugs.

In this article, you will get to know about the Imprisonment term of Stephen Gillen, his net worth, and his current profession as well.

Why Was Stephen Gillen Arrested?

A former London gangster named Stephen Gillen was sent to Belfast when he was only six months old, where he experienced the worst possible violence and death during the Troubles.

At the age of 10, he moved to East London and soon became well-known as a prominent face in the criminal underworld, participating in robberies and vicious fights.

Stephen Gillen’s Net Worth

For his participation in a criminal activity that the Metropolitan Police had managed to halt, he was given a 17-year prison sentence in 1991. When he was imprisoned, Charles Bronson, a known criminal, shared a cell with Gillen as a category A prisoner, with whom he made friends.

Prior to being eventually released in 2003, he was transferred 25 times while incarcerated. During the imprisonment, Gillen spent 11 years and nine months inside.

What Gillen Did Do After His Release?

After his release, Gillen has spoken up about his experiences in the criminal underground and taken part in initiatives to stop gang violence and assist young people in need.

Stephen has also authored a book titled “The Monkey Puzzle Tree” on his life and experiences. He describes his impoverished beginnings and eventual involvement in the criminal underworld in the book. He also talks about his time in jail and his attempts to change his life after being released.

What Is Gillen’s Current Profession?

Gillen is a media personality, executive producer/ director, and writer. Besides, he is also CEO of Roar Media Creative a digital media, brand development, and production company, and a successful global entrepreneur.

His bestseller book biopic “The Monkey Puzzle Tree” has been optioned to be a major film in 2022, and is in Partnership with worldwide content aggregate Film Volt with the worldwide TV Channel and Crime Series “The Stephen Gillen Crime Files” in its 3rd Season.

Stephen Gillen’s Net Worth

He is a nominee for the International Peace Prize for his efforts to stop violence, and the United Nations secretary-general even flew him to New York to meet with him.

Stephen Gas received various awards for his contributions to the legal profession which include the faculty award for Outstanding Scholarship from the University of Miami School of Law and the Florida Bar President’s Pro Bono Service Award.

What Is The Net Worth Of The Stephen Gillen?

 As you see the best example of turning life from criminal to author and spreading a positive impact everywhere. Now, a number of people are interested to learn about Gillen’s personal and professional life.

However, Gillen does not disclose his net worth yet. But we all know he earned a hefty amount from the book sales. Additionally, his best-selling book is set to turn into a big-budget movie.

Apart from this, Stephen has earned from different sources such as he is a TV personality who promotes peace and encourages youth to follow the right path.

His website supports the Resilience Code, which encourages people to successfully navigate through life’s challenges and hardships.

Therefore, we can suppose that Stephen is really earning a huge amount of money. According to latestinbollywood, his net worth of Stephen is nearly $2 million.

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How Old is Stephen Gillen?

According to Geniuscelebs Stephen Gillen is 51 years old. But his date of birth is yet unknown. To add on, Stephen is a student of finance and business degree from the London School of Business.

In an additional effort to assist others and people with a similar past, Gillen introduced Roar Media Creative, in 2022 won the Most Outstanding Digital Media Expert award at the SME Greater London Enterprise Awards.

Is Stephen Gillson Married?

Yes, Stephen married Daphne Gillson.


In this article, you know about the personal and professional life of Stephen, and also about his wife. Hopefully, you really like to read an article. You are free to share your feedback and query via the comment section related to this article.

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