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Do Revenge Release Date: Is the Movie Revenge on Netflix?

Do Revenge is an upcoming dark comedy that will be on Netflix. It is about two teenagers who team up to take down the bullies of each other.

The young women in question are “it girl” Drea, played by Riverdale’s Camila Mendes, who wants to get back at her boyfriend for leaking her sex tape, and transfer student Eleanor, played by Stranger Things’ Maya Hawke, who becomes an outcast when a girl starts a rumor that she tried to hold her down and kiss her.

In this funny movie in the style of Hitchcock, the two decide to work together and do each other’s dirty work.

Do Revenge Plotline

The movie is about Drea and Eleanor, two high school students. Drea is a popular girl at school, but her life is turned upside down when a topless video she made for her boyfriend Max gets out and everyone at school sees it.

Eleanor is a new student at this school, and Carissa, who used to pick on her, is also there. There are also rumors that Eleanor pinned Carissa down and tried to kiss her, which turned Carissa into an outcast.

do revenge release date
do revenge release date


Then, Drea and Eleanor become friends and decide to help each other get rid of their bullies. The movie’s official plot summary says, “After a secret meet-cute, Drea (Alpha, a former “it” girl) and Eleanor (beta, a new “alt” girl) work together to go after the people who hurt each other. Do Revenge is a dark comedy in the style of Hitchcock with the scariest main characters of all: teenage girls.

Robinson said this about the story: “I think there are different parts of this story where everyone is both the bad guy and the good guy. And that’s a big part of becoming an adult. I wanted to make something that shows all the different colors of being a teenager.”

The Cast of Do Revenge

Do Revenge has a cast of stars from some of the most popular teen shows. Camila Mendes and Maya Hawke lead the cast, which also includes Austin Abrams from Euphoria as Drea’s ex-boyfriend Max, Alisha Boe from 13 Reasons Why as Drea’s best friend Tara and Jonathan Daviss from Outer Banks as Max’s friend Elliot.

Rish Shah from “Ms. Marvel” will play Russ, Ava Capri from “Love, Victor” will play Carissa, Maia Reficco from “Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin” will play Montana, Talia Ryder from “Never, Rarely, Sometimes, Always” will play Gabbi, and Paris Berelc from “Alexa & Katie” will play Meghan.

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“We joke that they look like the young Avengers from Hollywood. They are called “The Revengers,” which we love,” Jennifer, the director, told Elle.

Release Date of Do Revenge

According to netflix.com/On Friday, September 16, Netflix will start showing the revenge drama. Jennifer Kaytin Robinson is in charge of Do Revenge. She was also in charge of the 2019 movie Someone Great and helped write Thor: Love and Thunder.

Robinson and Celeste Ballard both wrote the script for the movie. Anthony Bregman, Peter Cron, and Jennifer Kaytin Robinson worked together to make Do Revenge. Joshua Bachove was the show’s Executive Producer.

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The project was first talked about in October 2020. At the time, it was called “Strangers.” In November 2020, the main actors were chosen, and filming began in early 2021 and ended in August 2021.

Do Revenge: Is There A Trailer?

Yes, the movie’s trailer came out in August 2022. It was a look at the upcoming movie in which Hawke and Mendes work together to carry out each other’s revenge plans.

In the clip, Drea and Eleanor become friends because they both want to get even with someone. After getting a new look and making an unexpected friend, the two must figure out how to defeat each other’s biggest enemies while facing different problems. During the sneak peek, Hawke’s character says, “Teenage girls, we’re psychopaths.”

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