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Carnival Row Season 2 Release Date: What Will Season 2 of Carnival Row Bring?

When will the second season of Carnival Row be made available to watch online? Subscribers to Prime Video on the streaming service had no idea what to make of Carnival Row when it first appeared. The TV show presents a creative and cruel world where mythological animals and humans coexist in a chaotic metropolis known as The Burgue.

Oh, and Orlando Bloom plays the role of Philo, a detective on the trail of a gruesome serial killer. Amazon quickly greenlit Season 2 of the fantasy-noir show, indicating that viewers devoured the first season.

The Burgue is home to a wide variety of fabled beings, including but not limited to faeries/Fae, half-human/half-goat Fauns, witches/goblins/ghouls, and wolf-men. It’s safe to conclude that life in the Burgue is far from tranquil. Not helping matters is the fact that competing political groups are all striving for control.

Carnival Row Season 1 ends with a surprising reveal about who Philo really is, as well as some dire ramifications for anyone whoโ€™s remotely different in the Burgue, as brutal apartheid is put in place.

Clearly, things are going to be drastically different the next time we meet Philo and the rest of Burgueโ€™s inhabitants, so hereโ€™s everything we know about the Carnival Row season 2 release date.

Carnival Row Season 2 Cast:

  • Orlando Bloom as Rycroft Philostrate
  • Cara Delevingne as Vignette Stonemoss
  • Arty Froushan as Jonah Breakspear
  • Simon McBurney as Runyon Millworthy
  • David Gyasi as Agreus Astrayon
  • Tamzin Merchant as Imogen Spurnrose
  • Andrew Gower as Ezra Spunrose
  • Simon McBurney as Runyon Millworthy
  • David Gyasi as Agreus Astrayon
  • Karla Crome as Tourmaline Larou
  • Arty Froushan as Jonah Breakspear
  • Alice Krige as Aoife Tsigani
  • Caroline Ford as Sophie Longerbane
  • Alice Krige as Aoife Tsigani
  • Ariyon Bakare as Darius Syke
  • Arty Froushan as Jonah Breakspear
  • Caroline Ford as Sophie Longerbane
  • Maeve Dermody as Portia Fyfe
  • Waj Ali as Constable Berwick
  • James Beaumont as Constable Cuppins
  • Jamie Harris as Sergent Dombey

carnival row season 2 release date

Siesta Productions, Amazon Studios, and Legendary Television co-produced the show Carnival Row. The show was available for streaming on Amazon Prime Video. The first season of Carnival Row has been given an IMDb score of 7.9 out of 10. The premiere date, 30 August 2019, was on Amazon Prime Video.

Amazon has picked up Carnival Row for a second season in July of 2019. In the first season finale of Carnival Row, we saw the witch get killed and warm Philo about Vignette’s impending danger.

In the aftermath, Piety orders the Darkasher to kill Philo, but Vignette manages to break free, eventually stabbing Piety to death with a pair of shears.

Jonah assumes the job of acting chancellor with Runyon as his top counselor and later discovers that Sophie was behind the blackmail by convincing Piety that Philo, and not he, was also destined for greatness.

However, Jonah and Sophie form a partnership later on. Together, Imogen and Agreus board his ship in search of a new home.

More Topics:

Jonah, in response to the revolts, establishes a ghetto for the Fae and prevents them from leaving the Burgue or interacting with humans; Fleury is killed while attempting to escape the Burgue by flying to the Tetterby Hotel.

Philo, accepting his place in the fairy community, moves in with Vignette and the other fairies that live in the ghetto. Let’s wait and see what the future holds.

Exactly What Will Season 2 of Carnival Row Bring?

As expected, we don’t know a whole lot about Season 2 of Carnival Row, but there are plenty of hints about what might happen following the season finale.

One of the major takeaways from the Season 1 finale of Carnival Row is that the government is working on a new segregation plan to properly separate magical creatures and regular humans. A major plot point of the upcoming season will revolve around Philo and Vignette’s decision to go away together.

carnival row season 2 release date

The narrative of Agreus and Imogen (David Gyasi and Tamzin Merchant), who were ordered to return after sailing away to a safer place to live their lives, is another one to which I expect we will return. But they flat-out said no. As long as the political worlds of mythological creatures and humans continue to generate conflict, these two love stories are sure to be built upon.

Carnival Row Season 2 Release Date

The Amazon Prime Video section that announces upcoming TV series and movies for August 2022 does not include Carnival Row, Season 2. An August release date was mentioned at one point, but it now appears that fans will be waiting quite some time.

Going by previous seasons’ release schedules, the first one came out 17 months after filming wrapped. If the second season follows the same schedule, it would premiere in the fourth quarter of 2022.

Although principal photography has wrapped, there is still a great deal of computer-generated imagery work that will require a considerable amount of time to complete. In addition, we have no idea if each episode will be released weekly or all at once like in the previous seasons.

Season 2 Trailer for Carnival Row

There is no Season 2 trailer at this time. However, the teaser will be released shortly because the show is scheduled to premiere in late 2022.

For now, you can watch the trailer for the first season here:


Latest News From the Set of Season 2 of Carnival Row: Do the New Episodes Have Finished Filming?

Yes! Fans are anticipating the release of Carnival Row Season 2 in the near future after the show was renewed early in 2019, despite the fact that the show faced several obstacles in the wake of COVID-19 in 2018. The outbreak of the coronavirus forced the company to cease production in March of 2020, after having begun in November 2019.

However, Amazon had not announced a formal release date when the production crew began making preparations to resume filming in the first week of May. Orlando Bloom, who was unable to return to filming last year owing to the birth of his first child with Katy Perry, returned to the Czech Republic in May 2021 to finish filming the remaining sequences. The filming was quick, but finishing the critically praised series’ post-production would take a while longer.

Tamzin Merchant, who plays Imogen Spurnrose, said in an interview with Entertainment Weekly in February 2021 that just five of the show’s eight episodes had been completed.

Cara Delevingne, who plays Vignette Stonemoss, released teaser photographs for the forthcoming season on August 7 that showed her pert rear in naked panties and a matching harness.

Filming for Season 2 of Carnival Row concluded in September 2021, as confirmed by a series of images posted by Orlando Bloom, who also said goodbye to his character, Philo; however, it is not known whether or not a Season 3 will be produced.

Along with celebrating the last day of filming for Season 2, the official Carnival Row Twitter account teased the return of Philo and Vignette by posting first-look set photographs.

When Will Episodes of Season 2 of Carnival Row Be Made Available, Weekly or All at Once?

While certain shows on Amazon and Netflix have been dropping new episodes weekly, many others are switching to a more nuanced, staggered release schedule. Will Season 2 of Carnival Row be distributed in the same way as the first season, with a few episodes available at the outset and more episodes appearing weekly?

Fans have been waiting far too long to find out how the epic story of Rycroft Philostrate (Orlando Bloom) and Vignette Stonemoss (Cara Delevingne) will go, so it’s feasible that Amazon will release all the episodes at once.

No announcement has been made regarding the third season of the show, but if the trend continues, Season 2 will likely be the last.

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