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Brad Pitt’s Limited Contact with Adult Children Revealed: Report

Recent reports reveal that Brad Pitt has ‘virtually no contact’ with his adult children and only ‘limited’ visits with his younger ones. Sources indicate that the actor’s relationship with his older kids, including Maddox, Pax, Zahara, and Shiloh, has significantly diminished since his high-profile split from Angelina Jolie.

Despite efforts to maintain a connection, it appears that Pitt’s interactions are mainly restricted to brief and infrequent meetings. The report highlights that Pitt’s strained relationships with his children are a poignant aspect of his personal life, overshadowed by his Hollywood career. For a deeper dive into the challenges faced by Pitt and the dynamics of his family relationships, check out our full article.

Brad Pitt has ‘virtually no contact’ with his adult kids, ‘limited’ visits with younger children

Brad Pitt’s relationship with his children has reportedly dwindled, with the actor having “virtually no contact” with his adult children, according to an insider. The source also revealed that Pitt’s time with his younger kids has been “more limited in recent months” due to his demanding filming schedule for his upcoming racing movie F1.

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“He has virtually no contact with the adult kids. His engagement with the younger kids is more limited in recent months because of his filming schedule,” the insider said. While Angelina Jolie, 49, primarily has custody of their six children, Pitt, 60, maintains scheduled visitations with the younger ones.

Despite his busy work commitments, Pitt was recently seen on a rare outing with his girlfriend, Ines de Ramon, at the British Grand Prix. The couple’s appearance highlighted Pitt’s ongoing professional and personal activities.

Brad Pitt’s Custody Battle and Family Dynamics

In 2021, Brad Pitt secured a 50-50 custody agreement in his legal battle with Angelina Jolie, a decision that was kept sealed for privacy reasons. However, later that year, this ruling was overturned, reigniting tensions between the former couple.

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Recently, the family’s former security guard, Tony Webb, claimed in court documents that Jolie had allegedly encouraged their children to “avoid” Pitt during his visitations. In a notable development, it was reported in June that several of Jolie’s children, including Shiloh, took legal steps to drop “Pitt” from their last names, with Shiloh legally changing her name from “Shiloh Jolie-Pitt” to “Shiloh Jolie.”

At the time, Pitt, 60, was said to be “aware and upset” by this decision, particularly as it occurred on Shiloh’s 18th birthday. This shift underscores ongoing complexities in Pitt and Jolie’s family dynamics.

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