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Black Lagoon Season 4 Release Date: Official Announcement About the Release Date?

Black Lagoon, which has been produced by Sunao Katabuchi, is a well-known and popular Japanese anime series. This anime, which has now been produced in three series, was adapted from a Rei Hiroe manga series. Each of the first two seasons had 13 episodes.

This anime was jointly produced by Shogakukan. Essentially, the series tells the tale of wealthy businessman Okajima, who was bored with his life because it lacked excitement. The first season premiered on China TV in April 2006, and the second season followed four months later in October.

The third season was then released, a total of 11 years later. English has a larger fan base for this series than Japan does. It has been a long year, and the lack of updates for the fourth season has left fans feeling somewhat let down.

Release Date for Season 4 of Black Lagoon

According to /justanimehype.com/ The release date for Black Lagoon Season 4 has not yet been made official. Next year, though, you might want to keep an eye out for it.

Only two anime will be released in 2022 according to the Madhouse calendar. The first is a film titled “Goodbye, DonGlees,” while the second is an anime television series called Police in a Pod.

The significant time difference between the third and fourth seasons may be alarming, but we’ve already seen certain instances when it’s possible.  Also, keep in mind that the manga is continuously being published, thus new anime adaptations will be necessary to promote and increase its sales.

The Cast of Black Lagoon Season 4

The cast of the television show is expected to include the following people:

Rokuro Okajima/Rock is Daisuke Namikawa, who additionally portrayed Tooru Oikawa in the Haikyuu!! series.
Dutch (Tsutomu Isobe, who also played as Heinrich Lunge in Monster) (Tsutomu Isobe, who also played as Heinrich Lunge in Monster)
Revy (Megumi Toyoguchi, who also played as Rosalia in Swords Art Online) (Megumi Toyoguchi, who also played as Rosalia in Swords Art Online)
Benny (Hiroaki Hirata, who also played as Re-Destro in the My Hero Academia series) (Hiroaki Hirata, who also played as Re-Destro in the My Hero Academia series)

Black Lagoon Season 4 Story

The series centers on the life of successful businessman Rokurpu Okajima. He was content with everything in his life, yet he was also lonely in some way. He lacks the joy and pleasure that a typical person experiences in life. He lacks anything comparable.

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He was then abducted in Thailand by a group known as Black Lagoon who, having earlier collaborated with Okajima, did so in retaliation. He decided to start something adventurous and joined the criminal world because he was really bored with his mundane corporate life.

black lagoon season 4 release date
black lagoon season 4 release date

Thus, the entirety of this story was examined in the first three seasons. We may anticipate Okajima encountering some action and stunts in the season 4 plot now that he is immersed in the criminal underworld, which is out of his comfort zone.

The first three seasons did a fantastic job. It received an 8.05 rating and a 135 MAL rank. Well, there aren’t many sources for this anime’s fourth season. But if the creators change their thoughts, we can anticipate it.

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Additionally, there aren’t enough sources because all of the remaining types of content were produced as OVA episodes. Therefore, they have quite modest hopes for season 4.

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