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Beyoncé changed a line of lyrics on her new album »Renaissance« – it's not new

Beyoncé’s lyric change on her album »Renaissance«

The Lines They Are A -Changin’

One of the biggest pop stars of our time reacts to criticism and edits a song line. That’s not new. Here are five other artists who changed their lyrics. One of them: Michael Jackson.

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Beyoncé bei den Grammy Awards 2021

Beyoncé at the Grammy Awards 2022


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Beyoncé makes mistakes too. That became apparent in the past few days, when the extremely successful and influential pop singer announced that she would remove a passage from her new album »Renaissance« that had been interpreted as derogatory.

to be erased.

The American musician isn’t the first to decide to have a to edit a previously published song line that was perceived as discriminatory. It’s happened a few times in pop. Not just recently.
Lizzo bei einem Fernsehauftritt 2022 Lizzo bei einem Fernsehauftritt 2022Beyoncé bei den Grammy Awards 2021

Lizzo on a TV appearance 2022

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Lizzo apologized and announced a new version of the songs on. The criticized passage now reads: »Hold me back«.