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Back to 15 Season 3: Release Date, Cast, Trailer, and Everything We Know So Far!

Back to 15 is a Brazilian comedy-drama television series about Anita, a 30-year-old woman who wakes up as her 15-year-old self one day. The show delves into issues such as nostalgia, self-discovery, and second chances.

In this post, we will look at what viewers can expect from the highly anticipated third season and when they can expect to see it.

Back to 15 Season 3 Renewal Status

Netflix has not yet officially renewed Back to 15 Season 3. However, the creators of the series have expressed an interest in continuing the plot. Showrunner Janaina Tokitaka told Omelete that she would “love to do a third season” if the opportunity arose.

Back to 15 Season 3 is expected to be unveiled in the following months. However, it is probable that the production team will wait until the second season’s viewership has stabilized before making a decision. Only time will tell whether Back to 15 will be renewed for a third season.

Back to 15 Season 3 Release Date

There has been no official announcement of the Back to 15 Season 3 release date. However, the makers of the series have expressed interest in extending the story, and a third season could be revealed in the coming months.

Back to 15 Season 3 Release Date

If a third season is approved, production will most likely take some time. Back to 15’s first two seasons were both shot in Brazil, and it’s probable that the third season will be as well. A third season could be released in 2024 or 2025, although it’s also feasible that it will take longer.

Back to 15 Season 3 Cast

Cast Character
Maisa Silva Anita Rocha (15 years old)
Maisa Silva Anita Rocha (30 years old)
Camila Queiroz Anita Rocha (30 years old)
Joรฃo Guilherme Fabrรญcio
Klara Castanho Carol
Amanda Azevedo Luiza
Antonio Carrara Joel
Caio Cabral Henrique
Breno Ferreira Henrique (30 years old)
Mariana Rios Luiza (30 years old)
Lucca Picon Douglas

Back to 15 Plotline

Everyone must have hoped at some point in their lives that they could travel back in time. I’m not sure if we’ll ever be able to time travel, but I do know someone who has traveled back to the age of 15! Yes, I’m referring to Anita, the protagonist of the sitcom Back to 15, and her time-traveling adventures.

Back to 15 Season 3 Release Date

The plot revolves around Anita, a 30-year-old middle-aged woman who is sick and tired of her tedious and hectic work and life; she wishes she could go back to her high school life and relive her past, but little did she know her tiny wish would dramatically change her life when she accidentally travels back to when she was 15 and on the first day of high school! She is determined to reinvent her history and change the past.

She will face trials, drama, friendships, and possibly love along the way. Will she put things right, or will she be trapped in a never-ending cycle of mistakes? Keep an eye out to find out!

How Many Episodes Will Be There in Back to 15 Season 3?

There is no official word on how many episodes are in Back to 15 Season 3. The first two seasons of the show each featured ten episodes, therefore Season 3 might similarly have ten episodes. However, it is likely that the number of episodes will vary. Back to 15 Season 3 will include an unknown number of episodes.

Back to 15 Season 3 Trailer

Back to 15 Season 3 has no official trailer. The trailers for the first two seasons of the show were published a few months before the season launch. As a result, a trailer for Back to 15 Season 3 may be released in the following months. However, you can watch the season 2 trailer here.

Where To Watch Back to 15?

Back to 15 is a Brazilian comedy-drama television series available on Netflix. Back to 15 is available on Netflix in countries other than Brazil if you use a VPN. A VPN is a service that allows you to alter your IP address and pretend to be in another country.

Back to 15 Ratings & Reviews

The show has a decent rating of 6.7 on IMDb, indicating a positive response from fans. Because of its interesting and thrilling storyline, the show has attracted a large number of viewers since its initial premiere in 2022.


Back to 15 Season 2 ended on a cliffhanger, leaving us fans wanting more; fans are overjoyed to hear this and can’t wait for the day to come!

Fans applaud the series for its funny nature and unexpected turns; reviews indicate that the show’s creators have done a remarkable job connecting the dots of events in the past to events in the future, and they are interested to see what happens in season 3.

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