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Athena Release Date: How Does Athena Work Under the Hood?

The upcoming movie by director Romain Gavras has already been shown at the Venice Film Festival, but it hasn’t been officially released yet.

The release date for the movie Athena has been set for September 23, 2022, and people will be able to watch it on the well-known streaming service Netflix.

This movie is a social issue drama, an action movie, and an adventure movie. There will also be a lot of violence in the movie because it is about modern war. This upcoming French movie will be gritty, and it will be about the chaos that happens after three brothers lose their youngest brother in what they think was an unfair police encounter.

Athena Movie Plot

The story of Athena is about three brothers who have to deal with the tragic results of their brother’s death, which happened under mysterious circumstances.

athena release date
athena release date


He was the youngest of four brothers. It is said that he was killed in a police encounter, but that doesn’t sound very likely.

One of the brothers, Abdel, is a French soldier who goes to the front lines. When he gets back, he finds that his family is in ruins and that chaos is everywhere.

Abdel’s younger brother Karim is ready to get revenge and is thirsty for vengeance. Abdel’s older brother Moktar is also involved in criminal activities, which will only add to the chaos. Abdel is trying hard to keep the peace and keep his brothers calm, but the war has broken out in his community, Athena.

Athena is attacked, and more and more terrible things keep happening. The brothers’ lives have been ruined by the death of their brother, which is also what started the war in the community.

Casting Athena

  • Dali Benssalah as Abdel
  • Sami Slimane as Karim
  • Ouassini Embarek as Moktar
  • Anthony Bajon as Jerome
  • Alexis Manenti as Sebastien

Athena Movie 2022 Release Date

According to netflixlife.com/ the Athena, the release date has been made official, and the movie will be out for people to watch on September 23, 2022.

This French drama will be on Netflix, but it already had its first showing at the Venice Film Festival on September 2, 2022. The movie will be about social issues like police corruption, violent protests, and other things, and it will have a lot of action and adventure.

Athena spoilers have said that the movie is dark and violent because of a war that starts after the death of a young man under mysterious circumstances, which is said to have been caused by a police encounter that his three older brothers don’t believe.

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The movie will show the sad things that happen in the town of Athena, the desire for revenge, and other crimes that have caused problems in society. The brothers who lost their younger brother will do whatever they think will help them get over it.

Athena: Is the Film Based on a True Story?

When talking to Hollywood Reporter recently, Romain said, “It’s not real estate. We called it Athena because we wanted to make a connection to Greek tragedy, and Athena is the goddess of war and wisdom, so it seemed like a good fit. So it’s not a real neighborhood and it’s not based on a true story.”

Gavras said, “It was based on many different stories. Even though this riot hasn’t happened yet, it seems like it could be the one that does.

We wanted to think about what could be the spark that would really get the whole country going, and we wanted to be a part of it, almost like the first battle before the Civil War. Because there is a lot of stress everywhere, including in Paris.”

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Gavras continued, “And we feel like everyone is kind of pushing toward that. Civil wars are the worst thing that can happen to a society, as we know from history.

When you look at the Greek civil war, you see grandfathers fighting against grandfathers and cousins fighting against cousins.

Because it’s between family members, it’s the worst. This is why we chose the close-up of a family falling apart, where their pain spreads to the neighborhood and then the whole country.

Athena’s official trailer

Watch the official trailer for Netflix’s Athena in the video below to get a closer look at the movie in action!

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