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Are Dan and Phil Dating? What is the Relationship Between Them?

Fans of gaming content have flocked to the Dan Howell and Phil Lester-run DanAndPhilGAMES YouTube channel for more than a decade. They have a sizable internet fan base, and many of their admirers are curious whether their connection goes deeper than it first appears.

Fans are curious about Dan and Phil’s personal lives, especially if they are romantically involved, even though their joint channel mostly focuses on their gaming abilities. Are Dan and Phil dating now? Let’s explore what we know about their relationship.

What is the Relationship Between Them?

Millions of people follow the two online personalities. The majority of them want to know if Dan and Phil are gay. The pair quickly gained popularity online, which suggests that many people were drawn to their friendship.

Dan came out as gay in a video posted in 2019 on his personal YouTube account. He gave his fans an explanation of how he felt about Phil.

Are Dan and Phil Dating

“It wasn’t only a romantic relationship… This was a person who actually cared about my well-being. I believed them. I felt protected for the first time since I was a young child. We are truly excellent friends. True soul mates, that is.โ€

Lester posted his coming-out video on YouTube shortly after that. He left out any more explanation of his friendship with Dan, though.

Then, do Phil and Dan date? No. Because Phil has never commented on Dan’s romantic description of their relationship.

Are Dan and Phil Married?

Since August 2011, Dan Howel and Phil Lester have shared a residence. They moved to London in July 2012 after initially residing in Manchester. The couple tweeted about their joint home purchase in 2021. They admitted that they had been making improvements to the house to make it their ideal residence.

Are Dan and Phil Dating

They have been spending time together, but they have never explicitly stated that they are married. If you’re also curious, though, “Are Dan and Phil engaged?” They are not even dating, so the answer is no.

Are Dan and Phil Dating?

In a 2019 video released on his personal channel, Dan officially came out as gay and explained his feelings toward Phil. He chose to keep his personal life private, while Phil shared his own coming-out video on YouTube.

In 2021, the pair took to Twitter to reveal that they had bought a house together, but their status as an online duo has changed in recent years.

Phil continued to post on his personal channel, while Dan opted to take a break from posting to YouTube for a couple of years. Dan and Phil have been on a pause since January 2021, but they have not made a dramatic decision about secretly never coming back.

Are Dan and Phil Dating

In May of 2022, Dan returned to his channel in a video called “Why I Quit YouTube,” talking about stress, mental health, and the clash between making content and being content.

Since then, Dan has posted a few more videos as part of a new show called Dystopia Daily, and on September 7, 2022, Phil even joined him for a video titled “Dan and Phil Finally Tell the Truth.” The duo is happy, thriving, and making content together once again.


In conclusion, although fans have speculated about Dan and Phil’s connection, there is no proof to support the claim that they are currently romantically linked.

They have lived together since 2011, and they have always insisted that they are best friends and soul mates. Additionally, they recently got back together to create material for Dan’s channel, indicating that their friendship is still going strong.

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