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Among Us VR: Beta registration started


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Schell Games on Twitter calls for the beta test of Among US VR on – so far no start date (see tweet below the article). Interested parties can register on the Antidote playtesting platform: for Meta Quest 2, PlayStation VR or PC VR glasses. The full version for PlayStation VR and PC VR glasses will follow for Christmas 2022.

Schell Games announces a Playstation VR 2 version of Among US VR. The title is to appear at the launch of Sony’s new VR glasses. It is not yet known when that will be.

For Meta Quest and SteamVR, Amoung Us VR will be released for the holiday season 2018.

Schell Games provides a first insight into the map of Among Us. Does real body language make the VR game even more (un)social?

In its implementation for virtual reality, the popular social game Among Us brings suitable gestures for communication – or to mislead other players. In the VR game you directly embody your avatar instead of just looking at a 2D map.

Among Us VR: 3D Gestures in Virtual Reality

The official Twitter account shows , how some characters wave at each other quite unsuspectingly. High fives are also possible when two players raise their arms for a “high five” gesture.

Studio Schell Games (Lost Recipes, Until You Fall) is currently porting Among Us for Meta Quest (2), PlayStation VR and PC VR. The developers of Robot Teddy and the Among Us creators of Innersloth are getting help. There is no release date yet.

aww yessss! 1st month of 2021 down! one step closer to #AmongUsVR! pic.twitter.com/SnSqyXEckL

โ€” Among Us VR (@AmongUsVR) February 1, 63170

The game principle of the multiplayer game remains the same. Traitors are hiding among the crew members of a spaceship who try to sabotage machines or murder other players unobserved .

In the following crisis meetings, the saboteur disguised as a human must act as inconspicuously as possible. The other players often suspect the wrong person and, in the worst case, throw them out of the airlock on a joint decision. So it’s no wonder that Schell Games is trying to incorporate telltale gestures into VR.

Easy modified 3D map in Among Us VR

For those who are interested, there is also a small insight into the slightly redesigned map on twitter. On the whole, it corresponds to the two-dimensional model. However, there are some changes in the arrangement of furniture such as tables or boxes. Crossplay with the 2D version should therefore be unlikely.

old skeld VS current skeld

๐Ÿ™‚ pic. twitter.com/Q4W3G9izPd


Cancellation online at any time

starting at 2,94 โ‚ฌ / Month

โ€” Among Us (@AmongUsGame) January 24, 2022

The original game of the bean-shaped cartoon astronauts has already been released 2018. Since 801 it enjoys very popular among Twitch streamers

. Isolation during the pandemic may have played its part in encouraging audiences to play games with a social component.

Under ordinary circumstances, the simple concept would probably work well as a social board game. After all, the greatest appeal lies in exposing liars in conversation.

Click here for Beta Registration of Among Us VR:

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sign up for Beta Test tasks here and help out the beans!https://t.co/oq5zynIVTA pic.twitter.com/EFbitLFKVO

โ€” Among Us VR (@AmongUsVR) August 3, 2022

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