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Abdu Rozik Net Worth, Gold Shoes, Cars & Expensive Things: Is He Super Rich?

Abdu Rozik, a Name Synonymous With Success, is a Well-known Individual. He is well-known as the World’s Smallest Vocalist and Rose to Prominence Following His Performance on Bigg Boss 16. Abdur Rozik Has Amassed Significant Wealth Throughout the Course of His Career as a Consequence of His Great Business Abilities and Wise Investments.

In This Article, We Will Investigate Abdu Rozik’s Net Worth, Looking Into the Origins of His Fortune and the Elements That Have Contributed to His Success.

Abdu Rozik Biography

On September 23, 2003, Abdu Rozik was born Muhammadroziqi Savriqul. His hometown is Ghizhdarva, Panjakent, Tajikistan. His family, which includes his mother Rooh Afza, father Savriqul Muhammad, and brothers, is Muslim.
Abdu is a boxer, singer, actor, and blogger. Abdu presently runs a popular YouTube channel with over a million subscribers. He also featured in the Indian reality TV show Big Boss 16, which he voluntarily left after finishing 11th. He also continues to perform and record songs.

What is Abdu Rozikโ€™s Net Worth?

The Net Worth of Abdu is Reported to Be Between $500,000 and $1 Million (ยฃ402k-8.4k). His Earnings Have Come From His Tv Appearances as Well as His Songs. In Big Boss, His Weekly Salary is 5 Lakh INR.

Abdu Rozik Has Tinkered With His Gold Sneakers. We Observed Him Show Off His Shoes to Other Competitors, and He Revealed That the Golden Shoes Cost Him $5000, Which is Almost 4 Lakhs 80 Thousand Rupees.

Abdu Rozikโ€™s Car Collection

Abdu, Like Many Other Famous People, is an ‘automotive Fanatic,’ as Proven by His Expensive Wheels. He Has an Impressive Automotive Collection, Which Includes Two Mercedes Benz New C-class 1197-2022, a Ferrari, and a Rolls Royce With a Personalized Number Plate With His Name Printed on It.

Abdu Rozik Net Worth

Despite Owning Some of the Most Expensive Cars, He Avoids Traffic by Helicopter. According to Reports, the Social Media Sensation Owns a Lavish Mansion in Tajikistan That Includes a Helipad.

Abdu Rozik Net Worth, Income & Salary

Abdu Rozik’s Overall Net Worth Exceeds $250,000 Usd. His Profits Are Derived From His Program and Songs. Aside From That, He is a Competitor on Bigg Boss 16, Where He Receives a Weekly Pay of 5 Lakh.

Salary Approx โ‚น5 Lakh per week in the Bigg Boss 16 Show
Car Collection Mercedes Benz New C-Class, Ferrari, and Rolls Royce with a Customized Number Plate
Total Net Worth Between $500,000 and $1 Million (Approx, as of 2023)

How Tall is Abdu Rozik?

Abdu is 94cm Tall (Three Feet and One Inch). His Small Stature is Attributed to Untreated Rickets as a Toddler. Rickets is a Curable Growth Hormone Deficiency; However, His Parents Could Not Afford the Medicine, Resulting in His Stunted Growth. He Began Singing for Money on the Streets and in Markets as a Child. He Currently Has Millions of Instagram Followers, Has Competed in Music Competitions, and Has Been in Films.

Abdu Rozik’s Bigg Boss Journey

Abdu Rozik Stole the Hearts of the Nation as a Bigg Boss 16 Competitor. He Grabbed Headlines for the Right Reasons, Whether It Was His Cuteness or His Bond With the Roommates. As the Reality Program Nears Its Conclusion, Abdu Will Depart the Show Owing to Prior Commitments. Someone From His Crew Will Enter the Residence to Remove Him.ย 

Abdu Rozik Net Worth

Abdu Left the House in December 2022 After Receiving a Nice Offer From an Overseas Organization. Following His Work Obligation, He Returned to the Show After a Brief Hiatus and Continued to Delight His Fans.ย 

“The Ifcm Team Feels Saddened and Shocked That Their Client Abdu Rozik is Being Subjected to Such Inappropriate Discriminatory Behavior in the Big Boss Host,” Abdu’s Agency Said Later in a Statement.

Abdu Rozik Bigg Boss Fees

Contestants Give Up Their Opulent Lifestyles and Spend Months Confined Inside the House With Strangers, Earning Large Sums of Money in the Process. Abdu Rozik is No Different. According to Reports, the Artist Charges Rs 5 Lakh Each Week.

Abdu Rozik Disease

Abdu Has Had Rickets Since He Was a Toddler. This Condition Causes a Lack of ‘calcium’ and ‘vitamin D’ in the Body, Which Causes the Body’s Size to Remain Constant and the Height to Remain Low.

Along With This, the Bones Become Weak as a result of the Sickness, Which Causes the Growth of Height to Stop; This is Why Abdu Rozik’s Height Stopped Increasing While His Age Increased. Due to Financial Restrictions, the Family Was Unable to Properly Treat Him.

He Will Now Appear in the Hindi Version of Colors Tv’s Iconic Show Bigg Boss 16 in 2022, Alongside Rapper Mc Stan, Sajid Khan, and Others.

Abdu Rozik Relationships

His Marital Status Remains Single. He Did, However, Confess in an Interview That He Had a Girlfriend.


Abdur Rozik’s Net Worth Displays His Artistic Abilities and Singing Abilities. Millions of People Are Encouraged and Motivated by His Success Story. More Information Can Be Found on Our Website!

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