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A Perfect Pairing 2: Could We Expect a Victoria Justice Sequel?

The new Netflix original romance comedy A Perfect Pairing, starring Victoria Justice and Adam Demos, is currently streaming. On May 19th, the new film had its world debut, and it served as a great rom-com to start off the summer movie season.

Justice and Demos are a new addition to Netflix’s huge lineup, playing a mismatched team who are thrown together on an Australian ranch. Naturally, when they work together in close quarters and face challenges, they discover that they have more in common than they originally thought.

Both of A Perfect Pairing’s leads have appeared in previous Netflix productions. Falling In Love co-stars Adam Demos and Christina Milian, and Victoria Justice co-starred in the 2021 comedy Afterlife of the Party with Midori Francis.

But will there be a sequel to the film when the credits roll? Numerous Netflix films have followed up with sequels, and so might A Perfect Pairing. The likelihood of a follow-up to the fresh romantic comedy is discussed below.

Will There Be a Sequel to a Perfect Pairing?

Netflix has not announced plans to make A Perfect Pairing into a franchise as of May 19, 2022. Without knowing what happens after Lola and Max get acquainted, the new Victoria Justice film works nicely as a standalone.

A large number of Netflix romantic comedies, however, have returned for additional installments. There will be sequels and even prequels to popular films like To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before, A Christmas Prince, and The Princess Switch. A Perfect Pairing might follow if it does well.

Keep in mind that the chances of there being a sequel are extremely low. Greenlighting a sequel would require staggeringly high box office returns. Lola and Max’s romance and their business endeavors have much more drama to unfold. Holding my breath!

Release Date of a Perfect Pairing Sequel

On May 19, 2022, all around the world, Netflix debuted its new show “A Perfect Pairing.” This is what we know about the follow-up to the current movie at the moment. However, there have been no formal confirmations of a sequel from either the producers or Netflix.

Yet, the streaming service’s history with similar films like “A California Christmas” and “A Christmas Prince,” both of which returned for at least one more part, suggests that there is a good likelihood of a sequel.

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Although “A Perfect Pairing” has not been met with unprecedented success, audiences are likely to warm up to it in the near future. It’s also possible that the creators will see fit to continue the story in a follow-up installment. If Netflix gives the go-ahead, fans may anticipate the second installment of “A Perfect Pairing” to drop sometime in the second quarter of 2023.

A Perfect Pairing Sequel Cast

As Lola and Max, “A Perfect Pairing” stars Victoria Justice and Adam Demos. Emily Havea, Luca Sardelis, Natalie Abbott, Craig Horner, Carlos, and Antonio Alvarez all-star in the film. Samantha Cain plays Hazel, and Lucy Durack plays Audra (Sam). Additionally, Nicholas Brown and Jayden Popik show up as Hamish and Henry.

A Perfect Pairing 2

Justice and Demos will likely return if a sequel is greenlit. As for the rest of the actors, they’re all likely to return barring Horner, whose storyline has apparently been completed. However, new cast members will either join them or the producers may opt to start with an entirely new cast in order to alter the storyline.

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A Perfect Pairing Sequel Plot

Lola Alvarez, a skilled wine executive at Mythos Importing based in Los Angeles, is the film’s protagonist. She abandoned her work out of resentment and moved to Australia in search of Vaughn Family Wines’ owner, Hazel so that she might start her own wine import business.

The two eventually come to an agreement, and Lola accepts a job as a jillaroo (female ranch hand) on the latter’s sheep farm. Eventually has a rough time settling in at first, but she manages to win over Max, the charming boss cocky (farm manager).

In time, Max and Lola develop feelings for one another, but he keeps his identity a secret from her because he is Hazel’s brother and would like not to be discovered. After this is revealed, their relationship begins to suffer, and she is unable to gain Hazel’s trust.

A few months later, however, Max flies to LA, where he not only apologizes to Lola but also, to her surprise, convinces his sister to hand over the contract. As a result, the couple is able to go on with their lives and start anew.

A Perfect Pairing 2

The potential follow-up might detail Lola and Max’s future, including how they deal with the difficulties of maintaining a long-distance relationship while also launching into exciting new professional endeavors. In addition, Lola may have to deal with new competitors in both her personal and professional life, which will force her to stay on her toes.

The hypothetical sequel may also give viewers a chance to experience the love between a whole new couple.

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Trailer ofย a Perfect Pairing 2

Fans of the new Netflix film A Perfect Pairing are eagerly awaiting the release of the sequel and have already seen the film and are eagerly anticipating the release of the A Perfect Pairing 2 trailer. Netflix has not yet decided whether or not to keep the film available, so we will have to wait for that decision before we learn anything about the A Perfect Pairing 2 teaser. You can see the teaser for Season 1 right now.

Frequently Ask Question

Where did they shoot the first installment of A Perfect Pairing?

The first season of A Perfect Pairing was shot in Queensland, Australia.

Where can I watch A Perfect Pairing online?

Netflix subscribers can watch A Perfect Pairing right now.

The show A Perfect Pairing is available in which language?

The first edition of A Perfect Pairing was written in English.


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