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What is 100-Day Dream Home Season 4 Release Date and History?

Do you enjoy watching HGTV’s popular program, 100 Day Dream Home? Be at ease; the reports that the program may be canceled are just thatโ€”rumors.

Brian and Mika Kleinschmidt, a husband and wife duo, are back for Season 4 and are already wowing everyone with their skills and imagination.

They will construct and design stunning bespoke houses for their clients in Tampa, Florida, in just 100 days or less. So when can we anticipate the start of the next season?

The target season is spring 2023, and we can’t wait to watch the Kleinschmidts do their magic once more. Prepare yourself for more incredible makeovers on 100 Days of Dream Home by keeping an eye out for the precise release date.

What is the 100-Day Dream Home Season 4 Release Date?

As the much anticipated moment came to pass, fans of HGTV’s 100-Day Dream Home and enthusiasts of home restoration rejoiced greatly. The fourth season of this wildly successful program debuted on May 12, 2023.

100-Day Dream Home Season 4

The program highlighted the extraordinary skills of Brian and Mika Kleinschmidt, a talented pair known for their skill in designing and building custom homes in Tampa, Florida, in a remarkable time frame of just 100 days or less.

The program has developed a sizable fan base since its debut in 2019. Admirers awaited news of the upcoming season with bated breath, and Mika’s official statement of the actual release date only served to heighten the general excitement.

The History of 100-Day Dream Home

It’s helpful to know where the series started as we enter its fourth season. Mika and Brian actually got the idea for 100 Days of Dream Home from watching HGTV programs.

The pair admitted to the Tampa Bay Times that they frequently watched various episodes on the channel in their free time. They then had a brilliant concept for a brand-new television program.ย 

100-Day Dream Home Season 4

The pair eventually understood they could participate in the program since they built homes as their job. They have now demonstrated themselves by constructing homes from scratch in fewer than 100 days for four seasons.

Collaboration between 100 Day Dream Home and HGTV stars

One of the most watched programs on the network, with over 14 million viewers, Kleinschmidt has been providing updates as the shoot has progressed. She has even suggested that Keith Bynum and Evan Thomas, stars of HGTV’s Bargain Block, and the team behind 100 Day Dream Home may be working together soon.

Mika posted a picture of the HGTV stars together and captioned it with the sweet phrase, “Any project involving the talented @keithbynum_ and @emuralit is bound to be glorious!” Following that, she hailed her “HGTV family” and commended Keith and Evan for being “outrageously talented and creative humans.”


Fans of HGTV’s 100-Day Dream Home can now exhale with ease as the program’s termination rumors have been refuted. The astonishing skills of Brian and Mika Kleinschmidt will once again astound viewers in the fourth season, which will feature their work.

As we impatiently await the exact release date, we can look forward to yet another season of breathtaking makeovers and custom houses built in just 100 days. Watch this space for additional information on this cherished series.

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